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What are some basic Swedish words?

Other useful phrases

  • Excuse me! – Ursäkta!
  • Forgive me, Sorry – Förlåt.
  • How are you? – Hur mår du.
  • I am fine, Thank you! – Jag mår bra, Tack!
  • Good Morning! – God Morgon!
  • Good bye – Hej Då!
  • Say hello to Maria!- Hälsa Maria!
  • Please – Snälla.

What words are the same in Swedish and English?

Conversely, the English language has adopted many Swedish words over the years too, like:

  • Gauntlet – Glove.
  • Moped – Small motorcycle.
  • Ombudsman – Intermediary.
  • Smorgasbord – Buffet.
  • Tungsten – Metal.

What is Hur MÅR du?

Swedish term or phrase: hur mår du. It is something a friend sent me.

What is a common greeting in Sweden?

The most common greeting in Sweden is a handshake. It is usually firm and accompanied with direct eye contact. Most adults will shake hands with each person present when entering or leaving a social setting.

What is the longest Swedish word?

Swedish. Realisationsvinstbeskattning (28 letters) is the longest word in Svenska Akademiens Ordlista. It means “capital gains taxation”, and is usually shortened to Reavinstskatt (same meaning).

What is my name in Swedish?

What is your name? Vad heter du? what is your name?

What does pus mean in Swedish?

Puss means ‘kiss’ in Swedish. But it’s a specific type of kiss: usually brief and with a closed mouth, equivalent to English ‘peck’.

What is mar in Swedish?

verb. to spoil, to damage.

What Tjena means?

Tjena is short for tjenare which can also be spelled tjänare. It actually does come from the word tjänare (pronounced with a slightly longer äää), which means ‘servant’, and the greeting can be traced back to around 1775 in its longer version mjuka tjänare (‘humble servant’).

Do Swedish people kiss as a greeting?

Towards the bottom of this interview HERE I mention it as one of the most embarrassing mistakes I’ve made in Sweden, going around kissing stand offish Swedes who generally like their personal space; at least until you are good friends.

How do you Say Greetings in Swedish?

Greeting Other People Say hej to greet people in most situations. As in English, there are many different words and phrases you can use to say “hello” in Swedish. Use tjenare (SHEH-nah-reh) or tja (sheh) when greeting a close buddy. This greeting is similar to saying “hey” or “hi” in English.

Is Swedish a phonetic language?

Swedish is the only Germanic language which does not have any phonological diphthongs in its Standard Swedish variation. Only one quarter of all the languages in the world do not make use of diphthongs. Consequently, every vowel in a vowel combination maintains its full phonetic value.

What is the Swedish word for Goodbye?

Basically there are two ways to say ”goodbye” in Swedish as much as I know. One is old Swedish word ”Adjö” pronounced ”ayyo” ”which is used mainly in old literature, in books and speaking times” the next one is modern word ” Hej då” pronounced ”hey do” which is used maily at daily spoken moments.