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What are roof tile clips for?

Our Roof Tile Clips range ensures that your tiles stay securely and safely fixed to your roof. From hollow, Duoplain and pantiles to interlocking and cathedral tiles, you’ll find exactly what you need for fast, effective and reliable tile installation.

What type of fastener is used for roof tiles?

Fasteners should be stainless steel, copper, aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized steel, but not electroplated. Anytime you walk a clay tile roof, you risk breaking tiles. The resistance to breakage varies with the tile’s quality, profile and condition.

Do roof tiles need clips?

For all roof areas and rafter pitches, every tile should be mechanically fixed with at least a nail, a clip, or a combination of these options that provide adequate combined resistance to the wind uplift loads on the tiles.

What is a roof verge Undercloak?

A core component of any roofing project, undercloak is a strong tile or fibre cement strip that is fixed at the roof verge, beneath the battens. This will provide an effective underlayer to support a bed of mortar and allow for mortar adhesion, whilst also offering a clean finish to the verge detail.

Should all roof tiles be nailed?

It is not necessary to nail every single tile to the battens. Every tile of the two rows at the eaves, those up the verges, and along the two rows of the ridge should be nailed, but beyond that it is only necessary to nail every fifth tile horizontally and every third tile as you move up the roof.

Are all roof tiles nailed down?

How do you repair a roof verge?

Repairing Roof Verges

  1. Repair Small Cracks. Small cracks in the mortar of the verge can be quickly and easily fixed by using a roof and gutter sealant.
  2. Repair Large cracks or Missing Mortar. Remove any cracked and crumbling mortar with a hammer and chisel, taking it back until it is completely sound.
  3. Fitting a Dry Verge.

What can I use to clip tile to my roof?

The unique registered design will accommodate any time shrinkage, providing roof security for the life of the roof. The nail in staple clip is a low-cost effective means of securing all roof tiles onto hardwood and pine battens. Options are available for both concrete and terra cotta tiles.

What happens if you don’t replace roof tile clip?

This style of clip prevents blockages and leaks by allowing water to pass around both sides of the clip. If you don’t replace your nail-style roof tile clips, water will eventually leak into your roof, onto your plasterboards and cause serious damage to your ceiling.

What does uPVC dry verge do on a roof?

Our UPVC roof finishing, or ‘dry verge’, is a simple way to neaten up those edges and block any unsightly gaps. Made from high performance UPVC, they clip easily to your roof to protect your home and provide an attractive finishing touch. Our UPVC roof finishing is really quick and easy to install thanks to its innovative clip and lock system.

Can you use uPVC edging on fascias?

You can choose from five different colour options to coordinate your UPVC roof tile edging with your fascias and roof tiles. Gap free – \ Neaten up edges and block any gaps in your roof