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What are jiangshi afraid of?

Jiangshi are also said to be terrified of their own reflections. Items made of wood from a peach tree: The Jingchu Suishi Ji (荊楚歲時記) mentioned, “Peach is the essence of the Five Elements. Dropping a bag of coins can cause the jiangshi to count the coins.

Does jiangshi drink blood?

The Jiangshi don’t drink blood and they’re not beautiful. They tend to hold their arms out before them, and they show clear signs of bodily decay. And they don’t want to eat your flesh or drink your blood. Instead, they’d rather consume your qi.

What is a Chinese zombie called?

Different cultures share different spooky stories, and where the Western world is taught to fear vampires and zombies, Chinese folklore shuns jiangshi, which directly translates to “stiff corpses”. They’re also known as “Chinese hopping zombies” or “Chinese hopping vampires” for how they get around.

What are Japanese vampires called?

6. Nure-Onna (Japan) The Nure-Onna (濡れ女) is one of Japan’s many yokai, or supernatural creatures.

What are Chinese vampires scared of?

They are scared of many things It may be quite difficult to destroy a Chinese zombie but surprisingly, they are scaredy-cats. From mirrors, wood form peach trees, jujube seeds to a rooster’s call, fire and black dog’s blood, zombies avoid all of these.

What does it mean to be a Chinese hopping vampire?

Although its Chinese name is often translated as ‘Chinese hopping vampire / zombie / ghost), its literal meaning is ‘stiff corpse’. These creatures may be identified by their attire – the uniform of a Qing Dynasty official. Additionally, the jiang shi is recognizable by its posture and movement.

What’s the best way to defeat a Jiang Shi?

There seems to be a number of ways to defeat a jiang shi. These include the blood of a black dog, glutinous rice, mirrors, chicken eggs and the urine of a virgin boy. During the 1980s, the jiang shi was a popular subject in the film industry of Hong Kong.

How are Jiang Shi different from the Living Dead?

Whilst most jiang shi share the same type of attire, bodily posture and mode of movement, variations also exist amongst these creatures. For example, some of these beings look like normal humans, others are a little more decomposed, as a result of being dead for a longer period of time.

Are there any movies with a Chinese vampire?

Film Mr. Vampire from 1985 is the classic example of a Chinese vampire in films. The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) is a co-production with Hammer Horror, and features Western and Chinese vampires in the same film.