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What are good names for pets?

Check out this massive list of 200 popular dog names and see if you can spot your own pup’s name among the ranks.

  • Bella.
  • Charlie.
  • Luna.
  • Lucy.
  • Max.
  • Bailey.
  • Cooper.
  • Daisy.

What name goes with Luna?

So let’s get down to the most beautiful middle names for Luna:

  • Luna Adelaide. Adelaide comes from the Germanic language and means ‘noble’.
  • Luna Alice. Luna and Alice are both simple, beautiful names that go well together.
  • Luna Aspen.
  • Luna Aubree.
  • Luna Aydan.
  • Luna Brielle.
  • Luna Cadence.
  • Luna Claire.

What are some funny names for pets?

Here are some general funny dog names which might be good to use for your pet pooch: Ally McBeagle. Beefy. Callickula. Christopher Walkies. Clifford. Dog Benson.

What is name of the first animal sent to space?

But the first animals ever intentionally sent into space were fruit flies launched aboard a V2 rocket in 1947. US scientists were studying the effects of radiation at high altitude. A rhesus monkey called Albert 1 became the first monkey launched into space on June 11, 1948; also on board a US-launched V2 rocket.

What are some uncommon names for dogs?

Uncommon Dog Name Ideas 8-Ball 8-Lives Aden Ad-Rock Aika – JapeneseJapanese for “little love” Airhead Airy Aja Ala Alexander the Great Alina Alley – is the name of one of my girls who was found in an alley Allyway Alma Sonriente (Alma for short) – means “smiling soul” Alvin Alyeska Amber Ami-mai

What are the top ten dog names?

No matter what your preference, choosing a dog name can be hard. Where Good Names Come From. According to the ASPCA , the top ten male and female dog names are: Max/Molly. Buddy/Maggie. Jake/Daisy. Rocky/Lucy. Bailey/Sadie.