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What are good baby shower questions?

Interesting Baby Shower Questions and Answers

  • Which is the first sense a baby acquires after birth?
  • Are babies born without kneecaps?
  • On average, how much does it take to raise a child from birth to 17 years, in America?
  • At what age a baby can smile socially?
  • How many bones does a newborn baby have?

How well do you know me questions for baby shower?

“What was Mommy’s maiden name?” This one will only work if mommy is married and chose to take her partner’s name. “What is Mommy’s shoe size?” Narrow it down but include a giant sized foot for laughs. “Does Mommy want a boy or a girl?” ​Nobody should honestly care what sex the baby is as long as it’s healthy. ​​​

How do you play the baby shower trivia game?

As the host, you’ll print out or type up the most memorable lines from classic nursery rhymes, but leave one or two words blank. Pass out or print the print out to/for the guests. Instruct the guests to guess the missing words. Crown the player who guesses the most questions correctly as the winner.

How many games should you have at a baby shower?

How Many Games Should be Played at A Baby Shower? Depending on how long you want your baby shower to go, usually between two and three games is enough to get your guests mingling and keep them entertained, while still allowing for enough time to socialize with one another and the expecting mama.

What did the father say baby shower game?

At the baby shower, give everyone a pen and a game card and let them guess how many questions mommy will get right. Then have mommy guess what daddy said. Your guests can guess along as she tries to guess dad’s answers. The winner is the person who had the most number of right answers.

What is the first sense that a baby develops?

Touch. This is the very first sense to form, with development starting at around 8 weeks. The sense of touch initially begins with sensory receptor development in the face, mostly on the lips and nose.

How well do you know Mommy game questions?

Game Questions:

  • What is Mom’s name?
  • What city was Mom born in?
  • How many siblings does Mom have?
  • What is Mom’s occupation?
  • How old is Mom?
  • What is Mom’s favorite color?
  • What is Mom’s favorite store to go shopping at?
  • Is Mom allergic to anything?

How well do you know the mommy game?

How to Play. This game asks guests questions about the expectant mother and covers topics such as her childhood, her pregnancy, and her physical traits. It’s a great way for guests who don’t know the mom-to-be well to get to know her better. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

What are fun games for baby showers?

Games – Baby showers traditionally involve various games, although they are not strictly necessary. If you do decide to play some games, some popular baby shower games include “Baby Shower Bingo”, “Baby Shower Price is Right”, and “Dirty Diapers” among others.

What’s in your purse baby shower games?

The What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game includes 24 game cards that list common and not-so-common items found in purses, including keys, gum, a screwdriver, and nail polish. See how many items your guests have in their purses.

What are some baby shower gift ideas?

Baby shower gift basket: Combine lots of smaller necessities in a lovely basket. These can include a diaper pail, diaper cream, diapers, a burp cloth, body suits, baby wipes, pacifiers, a toy rattle, and more.

What are baby shower games?

Baby Shower Games Where Everyone Will Be Laughing Out Loud 1. Baby Stroller Olympics 2. I Have to Pee 3. My Water Broke 4. Pacifier Bobbing 5. Guess the Poop 6. The Great Diaper Race 7. Blind Diaper Change 8. Guess the Baby Food 9. The Drinking Game 10. Ready to Pop 11. Pacify the Baby