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What are cross-validation rules?

A cross-validation rule defines whether a value of a particular segment can be combined with specific values of other segments. Cross-validation is different from segment validation, which controls the values you can enter for a particular segment.

How do you set up cross-validation rules?

Select the name and structure of your key flexfield for which you wish to define cross-validation rules. Your list only contains structures with the field Cross-Validate Multiple Segments set to Yes on the Key Flexfield Segments window. 2. Enter a unique name and a description for your cross-validation rule.

What is stratified cross-validation?

Stratified: The splitting of data into folds may be governed by criteria such as ensuring that each fold has the same proportion of observations with a given categorical value, such as the class outcome value. This is called stratified cross-validation. This is called nested cross-validation or double cross-validation.

How many times should you cross validate?

How many times should I repeat this? all cases have been tested at least 3 times, so that you can show the predictions are stable. If models/predictions are not stable, further increase the repetitions until model stability is not the concern for your performance estimate any more.

What is Oracle cross validation rules?

Cross-validation rules (CVRs) are used within the Oracle financial systems to prevent the creation of invalid 33-digit account strings (CCIDs). Each cross-validation rule dictates what ranges of values may be used in combination with one another.

What is the difference between cross validation rules and security rules?

Cross Validation Rule:Rules that define valid combinations of segment values a user can enter in an account. Security Rule:It determines the accounting transaction user can view at differenty levels of hierarchy, such as at Site Level –>Application Level –> Responsibility Level –> User level.

What is five fold cross-validation?

What is K-Fold Cross Validation? K-Fold CV is where a given data set is split into a K number of sections/folds where each fold is used as a testing set at some point. Lets take the scenario of 5-Fold cross validation(K=5). This process is repeated until each fold of the 5 folds have been used as the testing set.

What is stratified 10 fold cross-validation?

Cross-validation is a technique to evaluate predictive models by partitioning the original sample into a training set to train the model, and a test set to evaluate it.

How many times repeat k fold cross validation?

A good default for k is k=10. A good default for the number of repeats depends on how noisy the estimate of model performance is on the dataset. A value of 3, 5, or 10 repeats is probably a good start. More repeats than 10 are probably not required.

Is cross validation always better?

Cross Validation is usually a very good way to measure an accurate performance. While it does not prevent your model to overfit, it still measures a true performance estimate. If your model overfits you it will result in worse performance measures. This resulted in worse cross validation performance.

How many currencies can be attached to a ledger?

The following restrictions apply to the parallel currencies: You can use a maximum of three parallel currencies (also the second local currency and third local currency). The second and third currency of the parallel ledgers must be a currency that you use as second or third currency in the respective company code.

What is security rules in Oracle Apps r12?

Define segment value security rules to restrict user access to certain segment values when entering journals, performing online inquiries, and running FSG and some standard reports.

What do you need to know about cross validation?

Cross-validation (also known as cross-segment validation) controls the combinations of values you can create when you enter values for key flexfields. A cross-validation rule defines whether a value of a particular segment can be combined with specific values of other segments.

How are cross validation rules used in GL?

You can create cross-validation rules to ensure that users cannot create a GL account with combinations of values such as 02-342 or 01-750, for example. See Also How Cross-Validation Works

How does a key flexfield perform cross validation?

Cross-Validation Rules A key flexfield can perform automatic cross-validation of segment values according to rules your organization defines when you customize the key flexfield.