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What Animals Can You Do 4-H with?

Some common species used in 4-H are rabbit, cavies (guinea pigs), horse, dog, chickens, ducks and other poultry, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and swine (pigs).

Can you show hamsters in 4-H?

Prohibited from enrolling. Learn about, care for, and train pets and small animals such as cats, hamsters, birds, and rats. May include breeding and sale.

What is a 4-H project animal?

When a member has learned to train a dog in basic obedience, they may take such projects as “Raising a Dog,” “Dog and Litter,” “Retriever and Hunter, or “Stock Dog.” The dog project provides the opportunity for urban boys and girls to have a live animal.

Do 4-H animals get slaughtered?

After the fair, most animals are taken to auctions. This is where 4-H members betray their “friends” and celebrate as the animals are sold to the highest bidders, who typically take them to be slaughtered so that their flesh and other body parts can be sold.

Can you show pygmy goats in 4 h?

Primary Showman may not bring their own goat to the fair. All animals shown in 4H must be housed in the 4H barn while at the Fair. FAILURE TO ENTER AND COMPETE IN FITTING AND SHOWING WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF ALL PREMIUMS.

How does 4H animals work?

4-H encourages members to raise animals for “projects.” Even in the beginning stages of these projects, members are instructed to “identify parts of [their] animal and cuts of meat.” They learn how to care for the animals during this time, but let’s not forget that they’re being taught how to take care of them in a way …

How does 4-H work with animals?

Youth of all walks of life, both urban and rural, are involved in the 4-H poultry program. Projects include embryology, raising and rearing poultry, and poultry and egg consumer projects. These projects motivate youth to learn teamwork, develop interpersonal skills, build enthusiasm, and enjoy challenges.

What happens to 4-H animals after the fair?

What is the most profitable animal to breed?

Cattle. Beef cattle are considered the most profitable and easiest to raise for profit, but homesteaders with small acreage won’t be able to raise cattle. Cattle, whether you want beef or dairy cattle, require plenty of good-quality pasture, supplemental hay, fresh water, room to roam, and veterinarian care.