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What animal was in Kia Soul commercial?

2017 Kia Soul Commercial The Turbo Hamster Has Arrived. If you’re familiar with the Kia Soul hamsters, you know they are fun-loving animals that love their Kia Soul crossover. They’ve been the stars of exciting, music-fueled commercials pretty much since the Soul debuted.

What car is in the hamster commercial?

Kia Soul
The iconic, award-winning Kia Soul hamsters danced their way into the hearts of drivers.

When did the hamster Kia Soul commercial come out?

In 2009 Kia launched the “A New Way to Roll” campaign that featured hamsters on wheels running endlessly for “fun” and then hamsters in a Kia that were free to roam and loving life. It was a breakout ad and really drove home the idea that Kia had a whole experience to offer.

What is the luxury version of Kia?

Genesis, Hyundai-Kia’s posh brand, has given more details of its European and British launch. It kicks off with a £35,000-ish luxury saloon, the G80, and an even bigger £50k SUV, the GV80.

When did the Kia hamsters come out?

“The ad was actually presented first on Halloween in 2008, and the team came in wearing full costumes,” recalls Michael Sprague, Kia Motors America’s vice president for marketing.

What song is in the Kia commercial?

Here’s the new TV commercial for the Kia Seltos that features a song with the lyrics “I want to disappear” and is titled ‘No Matter What Comes Next’.

Who makes the hamster car?

The Kia hamsters are back, and they’ve added a new member to the family. To introduce the brand’s new Soul Turbo vehicle, David&Goliath created a spot featuring a cute new baby hamster named Turbo. Like Kia’s new 201-horsepower vehicle, the pint-sized rodent is not exactly easy to catch up with.

What is the song in the Kia commercial?

The music in the Kia Sorento advert The music in the 2021 Kia Sorento advert is a song called “Blinded” that was recorded for the Kia commercial this year by the global creative audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios.