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Was Thranduil attacked by a dragon?

((EDIT: The Silmarillion states that Sindarin elves did not fight in the War of Wrath, so Thranduil was not involved in the battle. Or, though Melian’s protection should have prevented this, it’s possible that a dragon attacked Doriath at some point before the War of Wrath.))

What was the weapon Thranduil was talking about?

In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, there’s a scene where Thranduil is talking to Thorin describing how “he knows” what dragons are capable of. He then grabs Thorin’s shoulders, revealing that half of his face is burned.

How did AZOG get his scars?

some of the scars were from battles but a lot of them were things he had added himself, like some sort of ritual he had to go through to become who he was.” …

Is Thranduil greedy?

Many readers think of Thranduil as greedy, and it’s all thanks to this quote: The second part of the quote explains that the reason Thranduil is interested in gold is because he sees it as a measure of his worth as a ruler. He compares his own treasure to the treasure amassed by the great elf-lords of the First Age.

Is Thranduil in the White Council?

After Gandalf’s refusal of the post, Saruman was made head of the White Council. As one of the most important Elf-lords of Middle-earth, it would seem surprising for Thranduil to have been omitted from the White Council.

Did Thranduil live in Doriath?

Thranduil was the only son of Oropher, King of the Woodland Realm. He was born during the First Age, and lived in Doriath at some point prior to the Second Kinslaying.

Who was Thingols father?

Siblings Olwë & Elmo [note 2]
Spouse Melian
Children Lúthien; fostered Túrin

What is Thranduil’s power?

In The Hobbit, Thranduil is described as the “greatest king” of the Silvan elves, aka Woodelves. In the late Third Age, of all Elven rulers he probably ruled the largest number of people. He was able to field a respectable army.