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Was Hogwarts based on Fettes College?

Is Fettes College Hogwarts? No! Harry Potter’s fiction, primarily made up. Conceptually Edinburgh’s strongest Hogwarts analog is George Heriots.

Who is the head of Fettes College?

Helen Harrison
Fettes College is delighted to announce that Helen Harrison has been officially confirmed as Head of Fettes College making her the 11th Head in the College’s 150 year history.

Did Edinburgh inspired Harry Potter?

Edinburgh. It was in Edinburgh’s cafes that Rowling first began writing about Harry Potter. She drew inspiration from the stunning city from its Gothic architecture to its graveyards.

Was Edinburgh castle used in Harry Potter?

Despite the connection between Edinburgh and the Harry Potter series, none of the filming for the movies took place in Edinburgh. But fans will still find many places to visit that were real-life places in J.K. Rowling’s life and places around the city that may have inspired Harry Potter characters and places.

Where did J.K. Rowling Write Edinburgh?

The Elephant House
Opened in 1995, The Elephant House has established itself as one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K. Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

Does J.K. Rowling live in Edinburgh?

J.K. Rowling lives near Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband, Dr. Neil Murray, and their two children, David and Mackenzie. Scotland was where she envisioned the sprawling scenes of “Harry Potter,” but she wasn’t always living the way she is now; instead, the famous author wrote her way up.

What kind of school is Fettes College in Scotland?

Fettes College. Fettes is sometimes referred to as a public school, although the term is traditionally used in Scotland for state schools. The school was founded with a bequest of Sir William Fettes in 1870 and started admitting girls in 1970. It follows the English rather than Scottish education system and has nine houses.

Why did Sir William Fettes set up Fettes College?

To perpetuate the memory of his only son William, who had predeceased him in 1815, Sir William Fettes (1750–1836), a former Lord Provost of Edinburgh and a wealthy city merchant, bequeathed the then very large sum of £166,000 to be set aside for the education of poor children and orphans.

Is there a boarding school in Edinburgh Scotland?

Fettes College /ˈfɛtɪs/ is a private co-educational independent boarding and day school in Edinburgh, Scotland, with over two-thirds of its pupils in residence on campus. The school was originally a boarding school for boys only and became co-ed in 1983.

When did Fettes win the Scottish Schools U18 Rugby Cup?

In March 2009 Fettes won the Scottish Schools U18 Rugby Cup, at Murrayfield Stadium, for the first time and in April 2009 Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) published a report on Fettes that evaluated the school as “excellent” in four out of five Quality Indicators and “very good” in the other.