If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book

Teachers are people too, contrary to popular belief among the students. In addition, they are not alien to anything human: they are also suitable for likes and dislikes, they are also psychological tricks. Some of these methods, it would be nice to use in the test.

Your main task – to make it a smart look. In no event, it is impossible to show the teacher that you do not know about the subject. In anger, he is afraid. Ideally, if you know at least one version of the ticket, they should finish the answer. Better validator first stupid “moo” angry and then somehow go on a successful theme. In reverse order, you risk destroying the picture completely.

Do not be silent! Anecdote about this subject.


Students of biological faculty prior to the test as usual fun. On the last night, I managed to get a lecture about fleas. It is time to respond to the examiner. The first student got a ticket in mammals: “A striking example of a mammal is a dog you had a blanket, so – fleas ….” so managed a story and passing score to tell.

Moreover, another student was given a ticket for a fish: – joke, and once and need to “roll” in the test “fish scales covering, but if it was a jacket, it was a flea….”

If the answer to the question, you know very well, it is not necessary to build their response to the “dry” book-phrases. It is better to keep a story in a narrative style. This once again to convince the teachers requires that you learn not only the text, but to understand the essence of the question. In any case, it is expected needs. At the same time, and completely “gag” – the other extreme.

Do not argue with the teacher. Even if you are sure they are right (and you might actually right), do not disturb feelings auditor. This has consequences for the booklet of your student.

Speak loudly and clearly. This is particularly important if a teacher – a man aged.

Students to defend theses must be the most important thing to remember for the Commission – a clear and stencils. In addition, the course will be a good reference in his speech, “small” weaknesses in their efforts to avoid the “big” questions.

Regardless of the effective psychological techniques to win over a teacher in the survey, but it is no more effective than the current knowledge on the subject. Do not rely on anything other than the tricks and psychology tricks. All this is just a great addition to your skills, but no more.