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Socialization professional – the process of professional development of individual specific knowledge and skills, mastering of professional experience, mastery of the standards and values of the professional community. Professional socialization involves the acquisition of individual professions, entry into the professional environment and the realization of accumulated professional experience. It is one of the sides of socialization, their inclusion in the cultural values of society. Professional socialization takes place at a certain stage of life of the individual, when he reaches a sufficient level of its social development, chooses a profession and purposefully takes possession of it. Thus, Professional socialization happens with the individual already socialized, mostly during the secondary socialization, enabling the sector to develop new social reality, it is primarily determined by the complexity of the division of social labor and the corresponding knowledge. In addition to the rights and duties that are common to all people, there are those who depend on the specific nature of each profession, and their numbers are growing, and the importance increases as being developed and diversified professional activities (Durkheim, 1998: 461). Professional socialization is carried out in three major areas – operations, communication and self-awareness. A common characteristic of these areas is the process of expanding and multiplying the social relations of the individual with the outside world. Throughout the process of socialization of the person extends the “catalog” of activities, develops, including professional activities.

In addition, two important process occurs: 1) the orientation of a system of links present in each activity and between its various forms. This orientation in the system of relations activities carried out through personal meanings, ie means the identification for each individual especially significant aspects of the work, and not just a clarification of them, but also the development of 2) Defined centering around the main selected activities, focusing on him and his subordination of all other activities (Leontiev, 1975: 188).

Communication in the process of professional socialization needs generated in the joint venture and includes the exchange of information, development of a common strategy of interaction, perception and understanding of the other person.

Self-awareness in the professional socialization is a controlled process of becoming a man in the image of his «I», the definition of his own professional identity.

Professional socialization is related to both professional education and professional human activity, by which he disclosed by implementing their knowledge, experience, meet their needs and interests, as well as improving their professional skills. From the point of view of society, a profession – it is a system of professional tasks, forms and types of professional activities, professional personality traits that can ensure that the needs of society in the achievement of the desired society significant result, the product (Klimov, 1988). As a form of group activity, the profession has a personal form, representing individual way human applications of forces and capabilities, implementation abilities.

Professional space is very dynamic in modern society. It varies, dependent on maintaining and reproducing in the past to some extent the same structure demanded professions. Dynamic professional space actualizes professional socialization in terms of updating the professional knowledge and skills in various fields of work and in connection with the emergence of new professions.

Professional resocialization suggests, firstly, the acquisition of the individual is not enough mastered them before or updated professional knowledge and skills in a new phase of work under the previously obtained profession. Businesses increase their skills in the practice and in the course of training at various training courses. Second, professional development is a process of re-socialization of the individual other, new to his professional competencies. This process occurs when a person stands in front of the problem of changing profession that requires professional training and re-socialization in additional education system. Impulse professional resocialization becomes a crisis of social identity of the individual as a condition of its inconsistency desired professional status. The former result of professional socialization (basic professional knowledge, skills, experience) blocks the transition to another profession. Mastering new profession requires diligent promotion of the individual in the development of new competencies, knowledge, skills, social and psychological characteristics, and the adoption of a new professional identity. Dynamic professional space on demand, this type of person who has a high degree of flexibility and the ability to re-learn, to develop new professional competences and develop appropriate mental and physical data for development of a new profession. Acquired in the youth profession undergoes testing in subsequent years to the prestige, relevance, creativity, subjective significance.