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Is Zeus good in war robots?

The Zeus can be deadly to a Carnage, due to the fact it ignores Ancile shielding, and that the hitpoints of it is extremely low for a medium robot. This is also supported by the fact that the Zeus fires a large white bolt of electricity, and the well-known reference to Zeus, the Greek God of Lightning.

What is the most powerful robot in war robots?

Spectre, Nemesis, Blitz, Mender, Ares, Ao Jun are the most powerful, but are exorbitant! Spark, Halo, Shredder, Scourge, Viper, Glory, Exodus, Corona, Pulsar, Redeemer. Ember is powerful but still, too expensive. Vortex is also viable if you have at least 2 on a same robot.

What is the fastest bot in war robots?

The Stalker
The Stalker was once the fastest robot in the game at 66 km/h. New robots with lower speed with abilities that are able to increase speed, or bots with equal speed, such as the Pursuer, have surpassed the Stalker. The Russian War Robots community dubbed the Stalker as a “Rat”, due to its shape and sneaky behavior.

Is Gekko any good war robots?

While one Gekko can deal decent damage when highly upgraded, they are much more powerful in clusters of two, three, or even four, or when paired with the Flux. A dedicated robot carrying two to four Gekkos can severely damage an enemy. However, it is known to be an inferior weapon in close-range combat.

Is Golem still in war robots?

The Golem is still one of the cheapest bots to upgrade, even after the economy change. This robot was added on February 12, 2015 and removed on November 27, 2018, however older players had this bot, can still use it despite being obsolete. This robot was originally listed as a Heavy Robot, has since been changed.

What does mk2 mean in war robots?

Changes to Equipment Enhancement
Author – War Robots.

How much is Raijin in war robots?


In-Game Cost Real Value (USD) Required Player Level
3,500 Gold $30 17

What does the Zeus do to a robot?

The Zeus, along with the Gekko, originally dealt more damage to a robot depending on how heated up said robot was; the more the robot was hit by these weapons, the more damage it dealt. They now deal maximum damage at all times, although the maximum amount of damage itself was reduced.

Is the Zeus more scientific than other weapons?

The functions of the Zeus are actually more scientifically probable than most other weapons in the game, save the ones that already exist.

Can a Zeus be deadly to a carnage?

However, if the target exits this arc, the Zeus will lose the lock on on the robot and have to reacquire the target. The Zeus can be deadly to a Carnage, due to the fact it ignores Ancile shielding, and that the hitpoints of it is extremely low for a medium robot.

How big is the range of the Zeus?

The Zeus is a mid-range (up to 600 meters) heavy energy weapon. It has a medium counterpart ( Ion) and can be viewed as the single-charge counterpart to the Calamity . This weapon strikes without warning, sending a searing bolt of energy hurtling across the battlefield to a maximum range of 600 meters.