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Is Your Refrigerator Perry running?

“IS YOUR REFRIGERATOR PERRY RUNNING?” William Perry was a defensive lineman for the NFL’s Chicago Bears (and, in the twilight of his career, the Philadelphia Eagles). Nicknamed for his 370-lb.

How old is the Refrigerator Perry?

58 years (December 16, 1962)
William Perry/Age

What is Refrigerator Perry’s real name?

William Anthony Perry
William Anthony Perry (born December 16, 1962) is a former American football defensive lineman who played in the National Football League (NFL) for ten seasons, primarily with the Chicago Bears….William Perry (American football)

No. 72, 90, 95
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 335 lb (152 kg)
Career information
High school: Aiken (SC)

How much does Refrigerator Perry weigh now?

While he toppled the scale in the low-to-mid 300 range during his playing days, when he was scoring touchdowns and big endorsements, estimates now have the 53-year-old Perry weighing in at up to 450 pounds.

How much does William Perry weigh?

The only trouble with Perry is his weight, and it’s been a big problem. He claims he is at 315 pounds but just three months ago during NFL pre-camp physicals, Perry weighed as much as 375 pounds. When he reported to the Bears after a brief holdout, the scales tipped–or fell over–at around 330 pounds.

Who is the lightest NFL player ever?

Originally coming into the NFL at 149 pounds, Banks was the lightest active player in the league. Banks is also currently the lightest player in the CFL at 150 pounds….Brandon Banks.

Receptions: 378
Receiving yards: 5,204
Receiving touchdowns: 42
Rushing touchdowns: 5
Return touchdowns: 13

What happened to William Perry?

In 2011, ESPN revealed that Perry was an alcoholic and that during his playing career the Bears had arranged for him to check into a rehab facility. Now, Perry has lost most of his fortune that he made from playing in the NFL.

What happened to Refrigerator Perry?

NFL legend William “The Refrigerator” Perry, the cartoonish, football folk hero whose girth and gridiron greatness earned him a heavyweight nickname, has fallen on hard times. According to a new report, the Chicago Bears alum, after eating and drinking his way into an alcoholic, diabetic stupor, is now broke and barely able to walk.

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How big was Refrigerator Perry?

Perry is one of several real people to be immortalized with a 3.75 in (9.5 cm) G.I. Joe action figure of himself as The Fridge. The figure was offered in 1986, the same year the Bears defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.