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Is Xie Xie formal?

You can use [zh zh=”谢谢你” py=”xiè xie nǐ” en=”thank you”] to be a little more formal but when talking someone hierarchically higher than you, it’s better to say [zh zh=”谢谢您” py=”xiè xienín”] as 您 is the formal form of 你. When someone offers you an awesome gift you can tell them: [zh zh=”谢谢你的礼物!”]

How do you pronounce Thank you in Chinese?

谢谢 xiè xie thank you is the most used word to thank someone in Chinese. As you can see, 谢谢 is a double syllable word. It can seem a bit hard to pronounce. To help you through your Chinese learning adventure, here’s a Nincha tip to say it like a native: think of a sound between /s/ and /sh/.

How does China celebrate Thanksgiving?

So, on Thanksgiving Day, the local Chinese and American expatriates come together to celebrate the day with much pomp and gusto. It is the day people remember not only the love and kindness of God but also people who have showered love and kindness on them. Thanksgiving Day is truly a fun filled occasion in China.

What is please in Chinese?

How to say please in Chinese. The character that is often taught and listed in dictionaries for please is 请 qǐng. It literally means ‘request’ or ‘invite’, but is commonly used at the beginning of phrases to mean ‘please.’. 请开门 qǐng kāi mén – please open the door.