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Is Velskud the Black Dragon?

Velskud was one of the greatest knights of Saint Haven, and is one of the original Six Heroes who fought against Karas in the Black Dragon Raid fifty years from the present time….

Age 76
Alias The Black Knight The Black Thing The Knight of Kaleon Birdie/Chickie Hero Knight Guardian of the World

Is Argenta a earth?

In the DLC campaign, The Ancient Gods – Part One, three realms are mentioned: Urdak (‘Heaven’), Jekkad (Hell) and “the Earthly realm,” which presumably contains both Earth and Argent D’Nur. This is further backed by the fact that the Argenta lived on both Mars and Earth at some point.

Who is Argenta?

Argenta is a bank based in Belgium that also operates in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Why did world of Dragon Nest shut down?

Mobile MMORPG World of Dragon Nest announced through its Facebook page that the game will shut down its services on 31st March 2021. Apparently, according to the Facebook post, World of Dragon Nest will shut down due to the ending of developer Eyedentity’s contract.

Where does Velskud come from in Dragon Nest?

Velskud hails from a minor noble family and joined the Saint’s Haven Royal Army at a young age. Due to his excellent sword skills, he quickly rose up the ranks and earned the position of captain of the Saint’s Haven Royal Army. 50 years ago, the Black Dragon Karas raised an army and threatened the world of Altera.

Who was Velskud and what did he do to Kalahan?

Velskud was first discovered at Dragon Cultist Base looking down on an unconscious Sidel. He explained that Sidel attacked Kalahan and was defeated. After Sidel returned to Kasarana, the player followed Velskud to confront Kalahan at West Armory. He revealed that Kalahan was serving an unnamed man who wished to gain a dragon’s power.

What did Velskud do to Anu Arendel?

Velskud is seen once again at Anu Arendel, wearing the clothes similar to those he wore in the past. He took responsibility for Argenta ‘s death, who desired to die after being contaminated, and absorbed the Silver Dragon jewel left behind inside his body.