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Is Vasalgel approved?

Vasalgel will be available after clinical studies and regulatory approval are completed. For updates and news about Vasalgel, join our email list.

Where is Vasalgel available?

The gel is currently in clinical trials in India, consisting of multiple rounds of trials on humans over several decades, as well as in Europe, and is also licensed for development in the U.S. under the name Vasalgel.

Does Vasalgel hurt?

A local anesthetic is used to prevent pain during the procedure. Unlike for female sterilization, which is more invasive, general anesthesia is not needed. Any post-procedure discomfort is expected to be minor and brief, similar to after the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure.

Is Vasalgel permanent?

The Parsemus Foundation has supported the development of Vasalgel, a long-acting, non-hormonal male contraceptive that is designed to be reversible.

How does Vasalgel work as a male contraceptive?

What is Vasalgel? Vasalgel is a new male contraceptive currently under development. It is a polymer material that is delivered into each vas deferens (the duct that transports sperm), where it sets up as a gel to block the flow of sperm.

Is it safe to use Vasalgel in men?

Vasalgel is still under development. It needs to undergo additional animal and safety testing. This will be followed by clinical trials in men to see if it works effectively and is safe. More research is also needed to know if Vasalgel can be reversed in men. Because Vasalgel is not on the market yet, there is no determined price.

How is Vasalgel removed from the vas deferens?

The procedure is similar to a no-scalpel vasectomy, except the vas deferens is not cut (as in vasectomy) — instead Vasalgel is delivered into it. The gel would be removed by flushing each vas deferens when future fertility is desired.

How much does Vasalgel cost on an iPhone 6?

No exact numbers have been set, but the Foundation noted that Vasalgel is not to cost more than a flat screen TV, and certainly not more than $800. In other words, if you can afford an iPhone 6, you can definitely afford this new male birth control.