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Is USIU expensive?

USIU (United States International University-Africa) Fees averages over shs. 100000 in most programmes with some degrees-pharmacy included- costing nearly shs. 200000 per semester (if you include the myriad administrative fees).

Is USIU a good university?

Today, USIU is considered one of the top universities in East Africa. USIU’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, hospitality, IS, international relations, psychology, and journalism are internationally recognized. The University prides itself on being a multinational institution of higher learning.

Does USIU offer education?

In an atmosphere of free and open inquiry, students and professors debate, collaborate, and investigate while challenging assumptions—and one another. Rooted in rigorous inquiry, USIU-Africa’s unique education transforms individuals, preparing and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world.

What is USIU known for?

United States International University Africa, also known as USIU Africa, is a private university in Kenya, the largest economy in the East African Community….United States International University Africa.

Motto Education to take you to places
Established 1969
Vice-Chancellor Paul T. Zeleza
Administrative staff 1,000+ (2018)
Students 8,500+ (2018)

Which is the richest university in Kenya?

The following is a list of the richest universities in Kenya and can be considered as the most expensive private universities In Kenya.

  1. Strathmore University.
  2. University of Nairobi.
  3. Daystar University.
  4. United States International University.
  5. University of Eastern Africa, Braton.
  6. Kabarak University.

How many semesters for Masters at USIU?

5 semesters
The program is designed to be offered online within 5 semesters (approximately 18 months) to give students the flexibility that does not require them to leave their workstations, or other personal engagements.

How long does masters degree take in Kenya?

22 Top Masters Programs in Kenya 2021/2022 A Master is a graduate-level academic program that takes about two years beyond a bachelor’s degree to receive. Master’s are offered in many different specialties, and depending on the school, they may also be offered online or in person.

Does Usiu offer language courses?

Currently, the Department is offering languages courses in Kiswahili, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, in addition to literature, Music and Art. It is envisaged that most if not all our courses will be available online for a greater access to the public.

What kind of masters degree does USIU offer?

The Masters’ degree in Information Systems Technology (MSc.IST) at USIU aspires to be a world class, and industry-focused graduate program that is targeted at offering a flexible learning environment to IT employees already in the workplace and students aspiring to advance their studies.

What makes USIU United States International University good?

The university has modern state of art library which is well equipped with educational resources for use by both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The environment within the institution is quiet and conducive thus ensuring effective learning.

How long is the USIU Africa undergraduate program?

It also prepares students for further graduate study in international relations, international law, political science, or policy studies. The full-time program is expected to be completed in a minimum of four years, while part-time should be completed in at least six years.

What is the USIU Master of Business Administration program?

Rooted in rigorous inquiry, USIU’s unique education transforms individuals, preparing and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world. The Online Master of Business Administration program seeks to develop competent, well-trained, and ethically upright managers and leaders to serve in public, private and not-for-profit organizations.