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Is there anything to do around Narita airport?

Most people just take the first possible transport to Tokyo, but there are many interesting things to see at the city of Narita as well, these include the Shinjo-ji Temple, Sakura-no-Yama park and the Museum of aeronautical science. Narita Station is just 10 minutes away from the airport.

Can you leave Tokyo airport during layover?

For a short layover within the airport a visa is not needed, for a longer layover such as an overnight stay which will see you leaving the terminal you will need a tourist visa or a transit visa. Whichever the case may be you can certainly make the most out of your brief stay in Japan!

What is there to do in Narita?

Top Attractions in Narita

  • Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple. 2,153.
  • Naritasan Park. 531.
  • Sakura no yama Park. 313.
  • Naritasan Omote Sando. 896.
  • Narita International Airport Terminal 1 5F Observation Deck. 851.
  • AEONMALL Narita. 233.
  • The Access Narita – JR Bus Kanto. Public Transportation Systems.
  • Sora no Eki Sakura Hall. Visitor Centres.

What can you do on a layover in Tokyo?

Things To Do On Your Next Tokyo Layover

  • Chill out at Traveler’s Lounge Rassurants or someplace else within the actual airport.
  • Venture through the little town of Narita.
  • Shop till you drop over at Omotesando.
  • Get in tune with Japanese culture.
  • Catch some zzzz’s in a capsule hotel.
  • Chow down like a local.

Is there ups in Japan?

Along with faster delivery for time-sensitive shipments, UPS is also extending pickup cut-off times to end of business day and providing earlier deliveries as early as 12pm for businesses in selected cities in West and Central Japan.

Can you sleep in Narita Airport?

Sleeping in Tokyo Narita Airport Travellers agree that this airport is sleep friendly! For uninterrupted sleep, day rooms are available to rent by the hour on the airside of Terminals 1 and 2, and a capsule hotel is located adjacent to Terminal 2. Otherwise, nearby hotels offer free shuttle service for guests.

What can you do on a long layover in Narita?

8 Things to do on a layover at Tokyo Narita Airport

  1. Enjoy one (or more!) good meals. A layover here means you get a chance to explore the huge Japanese food scene, with over 100 eateries spread across the three terminals.
  2. Hang out in a lounge.
  3. Shop.
  4. Refresh with a shower.
  5. Pamper yourself.
  6. Go sightseeing.
  7. Get Connected.
  8. Sleep.

Can I sleep in Narita Airport?

How can I spend 12 hours in Tokyo?

What are your options? You can stay put in the airport and browse the duty-free shops over and over for the next 12 hours. Or you can skip out of the airport and go for an impromptu excursion. Thanks to Tokyo’s modern, fast and super convenient metro systems, you can easily explore the city on your own.