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Is there a way to search all Craigslist?

Craigslist doesn’t have many options for searching the site, and there’s no built-in way to search all Craigslist sites at once — you’re limited to your selected location. You can use to search all of Craigslist at once, but it offers little help with filtering or organization.

How do you do a nationwide search on Craigslist?

In the search field, enter what you’re looking for—whether jobs, merchandise, or love—it’s all the same to Google! Follow your search word or words with “site:”. This will focus the search for information on Craigslist and all of its subdomains. Use additional modifiers to narrow your search.

How do you find large areas on Craigslist?

How to Search Craigslist by Region

  1. Navigate to in your Web browser.
  2. Select the best menu option from the list of regions on the right to access additional options.
  3. Select the correct city or state as your preference.
  4. Type a word or phrase in the “Search Craigslist” text box on the left.

Is Craigslist nationwide?

While posting your ad or browsing for a deal, you may realize that Craigslist allows posting only to a single geographic area, and it does not have a built-in nationwide search function.

How many Craigslist killers are there?

Another group doing research on the same topic, Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, says since 2007, there have been 86 killings in some way linked to Craigslist. Advanced Interactive Media Group has launched an initiative to encourage police stations to host Craigslist and other online transactions.

What’s the best search engine for Craigslist?

Search Craigslist Search Craigslist is a simple search engine made specifically made for craigslist. You can easily search through craigslist with its easy user interface.

  • StateWideList The statewide list is a great craigslist search engine. It makes the process of searching things in your state very easy and straightforward.
  • Search Tempest
  • How do I search all of Craigslist?

    If you want to search all of Craigslist really easily, Statewidelist is the Craigslist search engine that you need in your life. Just head to the website, enter a query for a specific item in the search box, and press search. Statewidelist will search all of Craigslist’s locales for that item.

    What is the best way to search Craigslist?

    There are two ways to search craigslist: homepage search and category search. To search from the homepage, start typing in the box beneath “search craigslist”. Make sure the location named at the top is where you want to search.

    How do you search Craigslist by state?

    If you only wish to search Craigslist by state the Craigslist search engine makes this possible as well. To get started select the state you wish to search in. Enter your search terms in the text box and click submit. The results from that specific state will be returned and sorted by date.