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Is there a ristorante Nino in Via Borgognona?

… and there still is, Ristorante NiNo in via Borgognona. Just 80 steps from Piazza di Spagna and more than 80 years since it was first established, it is not simply the history of a highly renowned restaurant, but the story of a family that has kept the Italian culinary excellence alive over the years, with passion, dedication and sacrifice.

Who is the eldest daughter of Nino Ristorante?

Maria, Nino’s eldest daughter, with the support of her brother Egidio and her sister Anna, have been managing the Restaurant since 1983, maintaining the style, the ambience and, above all, the wholesomeness of the food with outstanding naturalness and passion.

Why was Nino Ristorante important to Tuscan culture?

The wholesomeness of traditional Tuscan dishes, the style of the restaurant and Nino’s unique creativity combined to bestow upon the Restaurant a certain importance and recognition, soon becoming the favourite haunt for actors, artists, and other important personalities of the time.

What do you think of the da Nino restaurant?

Another amazing meal at Da Nino. Beautiful fresh fish and seafood cooked to your liking. Gianni the owner is a lovely gentleman. He is even painted on the alley wall outside so it’s easy to find! Lovely staff, great service, reasonable prices, extensive wine list…. Would highly recommend for a special night out for a seafood feast!!!