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Is there a movie called someone like you?

The film stars Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Marisa Tomei and Ellen Barkin….Someone like You (film)

Someone like You
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Tony Goldwyn
Screenplay by Elizabeth Chandler
Based on Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman

What is someone like you movie about?

Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) has everything going for her. She’s a producer on a popular daytime talk show, and is in a hot romance with the show’s dashing executive producer Ray (Greg Kinnear). But when the relationship goes terribly awry, Jane begins an extensive study of the male animal, including her womanizing roommate Eddie (Hugh Jackman). Jane puts her studies and romantic misadventure to use as a pseudonymous sex columnist — and becomes a sensation.
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Who does Jane end up with in someone like you?

After five seasons, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) tied the knot in front of their family and friends, a heartfelt ending to a heartfelt show that has followed them from an accidental artificial insemination to co-parenting a son now capable of reading on his own.

What year was the movie someone like you made?

March 30, 2001 (USA)
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How old is Ashley Judd?

53 years (April 19, 1968)
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Peace be with you. The 53-year-old actress went on to detail her experience, saying: “Stepping in, I felt in my ease, my natural garment of self, at home in my spirit.

Does Jane lose her virginity to Michael?

“Chapter 47” turned Jane and Michael’s escalating desperation to do the deed into a miniature farce, placing a succession of obstacles in their path. Spoiler: Jane and Michael finally did it, a deed the show depicted with a cartoon of them stepping into a rocket that blasted off into the stars.

What movie is Someone Like You by Van Morrison?

Only The Lonely
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How tall is Hugh?

1.9 m
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