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Is the VFR800 a good bike?

The vfr800 is the perfect all round motorcycle in my opinion handling and brakes are excellent . comfort wise for a pillion is good my son has 200 miles with no issues myself ridden 400 miles in the day on a lot of trips with no problem still feeling fresh after the ride.

How much is a 2014 Honda Interceptor?

Big News from Big Red: After a four-year hiatus, Honda’s VFR800F Interceptor—the legendary V-4-powered sportbike that captured multiple Cycle World Ten Best awards and routinely won us over with its impeccable balance—returns to the U.S. market for 2014, going on sale on in May, priced at $12,499.

Is the VFR 1200 a good bike?

Excellent bike, a little heavy, good finishing, fast. Neutral position for 178 cm/90 kg, long rides are suitable for it. Good ride stability, not very nimble on twisty roads, some effort is needed. Exceptional combined brakes, far much better than many other sport-bikes.

Does Honda still make VFR 1200?

When the previous VFR800 was discontinued, it was followed by both the 2014 VFR800F (RC79) and the larger VFR1200. The VFR1200F was discontinued in 2017, as it no longer complied to new emission standards and noise regulations. This bike was not a commercial success.

Is the 2014 Honda VFR800F a sport bike?

The outcome is a refined middleweight sport-tourer that recaptures the spirit and elegance that helped the original VFRs become legends in their own time. 2014 Honda VFR800F Interceptor on the CW Dynojet dyno: Video cannot be played. Please upgrade to a modern browser. Most apparent of those refinements is the bike’s all-new styling.

What kind of mileage does a Honda VFR get?

The VFR have an undestructible engine. I use to have mileage around 230 on a fuel tank on touring days and around 190 miles on fast runs. The engine makes almost no vibration at any revs throught the pegs and the seat for a quiet ride. I bought the white color.

When did the Honda VFR800 VTEC go away?

VTEC had its share of detractors who felt the transition was too abrupt, especially when it occurred in corners. Honda gave the 2006 VFR800 a few styling tweaks and softened the VTEC transition slightly by lowering the point at which it occurred to 6,400 rpm, but that wasn’t enough to keep the bike from going away after 2009 for a complete rehab.

How tall is the Honda VFR800 Interceptor bike?

At five-foot, 10 inches tall with a 29-inch inseam I found the bike reasonably comfortable on long rides; taller riders might experience less weight on their wrists but more leg bend.