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Is the Skullmasher good bl2?

If all five projectiles connect, the Skullmasher is capable of much higher damage output than most of its peers. However, it tends to have very low accuracy for a sniper rifle and is best used at mid-range against large enemies such as The Warrior, or flying enemies.

How do you get the Skullmasher in Borderlands?

The Skullmasher can be obtained from any boss in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC. It has an increased chance of dropping from Eista who is located in Skittermaw Basin on Xylourgos.

Where is Eista the invincible?

Skittermaw Basin
Eista is located in Skittermaw Basin leading his own tribe of hunters. The Vault Hunter first meet him when they are traveling to Negul Neshai in order to find a means to lift the curse on Wainwright Jakobs.

Where is the unseen threat?

The Unseen Threat can be obtained in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC it drops from Amach who is located in Cursehaven on Xylourgas.

Is the Amigo Sincero good bl2?

The Amigo Sincero is the new best Jakobs Sniper Rifle in the game. It beats every other Jakobs Sniper Rifle in absolutely every way imaginable.

How do you get the Overcompensator in Borderlands 2?

Overcompensator – Cheif Executive Overlord quest You’ll be able to get it by completing the Chief Executive Overlord quest from Vaughn after the final mission of the DLC. If it doesn’t appear at first, keep completing his quests until it spawns.

What does the son of Mothrakk drop?

The Son of Mothrakk is a reference to the first Borderlands where Mothrakk was a boss. SOM has a chance to drop the legendary the Skullmasher; Bloodwing also shares the same loot drops.

Is the skullmasher the same in Borderlands 2?

A legendary weapon returning from Borderlands and Borderlands 2, the Skullmasher is largely unchanged. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it features a faster rate of fire, fires a cluster of six bullets, one more than its predecessor, just like the original. Like its predecessors, each shot only costs one round of ammunition.

How many projectiles does skullmasher make your brain hurt?

Makes their brain hurt – Fires 6 projectiles, at the cost of reduced accuracy. Damage per projectile is also reduced, but the total damage dealt by all 6 projectiles is still greater than other non- legendary sniper rifles.

How many ammo does skullmasher use per shot?

Consumes one ammo per shot. As the Skullmasher can achieve multiple critical hits in one shot, this makes it useful for faster completion of the “Longshot Headshot” challenge . Multiple stacks of Critical Ascensi0n can be obtained from each shot if multiple projectiles score a critical hit.

Is the skullmasher as accurate as a sniper rifle?

The Skullmasher is not quite as accurate as a normal sniper rifle due to its spread, while at the same time the spread usually guarantees partial contact. When firing from close to medium range, a well-aimed shot in which all projectiles hit their mark is usually fatal.