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Is the Renault Espace any good?

Most seven-seaters look like pointy minibuses, but the Renault Espace is a stylish and classy looker. You can fit seven people inside, but it’s best to save the rearmost pair of seats for kids. Access to these two pews isn’t that good, either, not least because the Espace lacks the sliding doors of some rivals.

Is the Renault Espace still made?

The first three generations of the Espace were amongst the first contemporary minivans or MPVs, and were manufactured by Matra for Renault….

Renault Espace
Manufacturer Renault
Production 1984–present
Body and chassis
Class Large MPV (M) (1984–2014) Large luxury crossover MPV (M) (2015–present)

What is the cost of Renault?

Renault Cars Price List (November 2021) in India

Model Ex-Showroom Price
Renault KWID Rs. 4.06 – 5.59 Lakh*
Renault Kiger Rs. 5.64 – 10.09 Lakh*
Renault Triber Rs. 5.50 – 8.02 Lakh*
Renault Duster Rs. 9.86 – 14.25 Lakh*

Which Renault car is best?

Best Mileage Cars

  • Renault Kwid. 4.07 – 5.51 Lakh | 25 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price. Renault Kwid RXE 0.8. Hatchback | Petrol.
  • Renault Kiger. 5.64 – 10.09 Lakh | 21 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price. Renault Kiger RXE MT. SUV | Petrol.
  • Renault Triber. 5.49 – 7.95 Lakh | 19 kmpl. Ex-Showroom Price. Renault Triber RXE.
  • Renault Duster.

How many seats does a Renault Espace have?

The normal Espace has five individual seats, which can be tumbled forward or removed. There’s plenty of head and legroom, although even the Grand struggles to swallow seven people plus their luggage.

Who is the manufacturer of the Renault Espace?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Renault Espace is a large luxury crossover MPV vehicle manufactured by Renault for five generations. The first three generations of the Espace were amongst the first contemporary minivans or MPVs, and were manufactured by Matra for Renault. The fourth generation, also an MPV, was manufactured by Renault.

What was the top speed of the Renault Espace?

The estimated performance figures of it were: 0 to 100 km/h around 7.5 seconds, top speed above 230 km/h. In 1995, Renault displayed a show car called the Espace F1, which was created by Matra to celebrate both the tenth anniversary of the Espace and Renault’s involvement in Formula One racing.

When did the Renault Espace 3 get a facelift?

The Espace III featured a plastic ( GRP) body over a galvanised independent steel chassis. The Espace III received a facelift in September 2000. In November 1999, a smaller 1.9 litre turbo diesel had been added to the lineup. The Espace III shared much of its running gear with the Laguna of the same era.

When did the fifth generation Espace come out?

The fifth generation Espace was unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in October 2014. It abandons the large MPV design of previous generations, instead having a mid-size luxury crossover styling. The car is based on the Renault–Nissan Common Module Family architecture developed by both Renault and Nissan.