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Is the Nixon minimal the time teller waterproof?

A True Original. An icon of Nixon heritage, the Time Teller’s vibe celebrates simple sophistication. The minimalist design is the perfect canvas for your aesthetic expression, while its 100m /10 ATM waterproof rating means getting wet is no big deal.

Is the Nixon Time Teller unisex?

Best Answer: The Time Teller is a unisex watch, but the Medium Time Teller size, 31mm, is best suited for women’s wrists.

What battery do Nixon Time Teller watches use?

SR626 battery
The Time Teller uses the SR626 battery. Thanks for supporting Nixon!

Are Nixon Watches good?

Nixon watches are generally considered to be a good quality fashion watch. The designs in the Nixon family of timepieces are still orientated to youth more than older adults. You’ll find that analog and digital watches are both available today, with some featuring Japanese movements in the lower-priced collections.

Are Nixon’s waterproof?

Nixon Cannon watches are so waterproof you can bathe, shower, swim, and even dive down to 100 meters in this watch. All Nixon Cannon watches get free shipping at

Is the Nixon re run waterproof?

100m Water Resistant Men’s Digital Watch (38.5mm Digital Watch Face. 13-18mm Stainless Steel Band)

How much is a Nixon watch battery?

A high quality battery from manufacturers like Energizer, Sony or Maxwell will usually run the average consumer $7.50 – $10.00 at a watch store or hobby store for a battery to fit a Nixon.

How long do Nixon watch batteries last?

Battery life will vary depending on movement, type/age/brand of battery, and usage. Often manufacturer’s will provide an estimate in the documentation that comes with the watch or their website. I would expect anything from 2-5 years with this sort of watch…

Are Nixon watches made in China?

Most believe that Nixon watches feature cases that are made in China. Nixon promotes the fact that the movements are Swiss quartz in their watches, though there is a suspicion that the quartz is produced in the APAC region. The watches themselves are then likely assembled in Switzerland.