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Is Sun Devil Stadium finished?

Arizona State’s five-year renovation of Sun Devil Stadium is finally coming to end. The east side was reconstructed in 2018, but finishing work remained on club space and other areas that are essential in realizing ASU’s plans for the stadium’s year-round use as a 365 Community Union.

What bowl game is played at Sun Devil Stadium?

The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl came to the desert for the first time in 1996 when Sun Devil Stadium hosted the game. In the mid 1950s Arizona State University decided to construct a stadium for its team, the Sun Devils.

How old is Herm Edwards?

67 years (April 27, 1954)
Herm Edwards/Age
After going 7-6 and 8-5 in his first two seasons at ASU, Edwards went 2-2 in the abbreviated 2020 campaign. Overall, he’s 22-15 since taking over the Sun Devils. Coming off a bad loss (Saturday), the heat appears to be turning up on the 67-year-old head coach, at least publicly.”

Did the Arizona Cardinals play at Sun Devil Stadium?

The Cardinals played their last game at Sun Devil Stadium on December 24, 2005. In August 2006 the team moved into University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. Arizona State University continues to play at Sun Devil Stadium.

Has ASU ever won the Rose Bowl?

It was the 73rd Rose Bowl Game. The Arizona State Sun Devils, champions of the Pacific-10 Conference, defeated the Michigan Wolverines, champions of the Big Ten Conference, 22–15….1987 Rose Bowl.

Michigan Wolverines Arizona State Sun Devils
15 22
Head coach: Bo Schembechler Head coach: John Cooper
AP Coaches 4 4 AP Coaches 7 8

How many people does Folsom hold?

Folsom Field/Capacity

In 2014, the north end zone bleachers and two northeast corner sections of the stadium were completely renovated into loge and club seating, altering the capacity to its current number of 50,183.