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Is Soave a good wine?

Soave wine is known for its melon-and-orange-zest flavors as well as its ability to improve with age. As good as Soave has become in recent years, the region is still very undervalued. You can pick up a stupendous bottle of Soave wine for under $13!

What is the best Soave wine?

Great value Soave wines

  • I Campi Soave Classico Campo Vulcano 2018 – JS94. International Price: $16.
  • Suavia Soave Classico 2018 – JS93. US Average Price: $16.
  • Pieropan Soave Classico 2018 – JS93.
  • Tamellini Soave 2018 – JS92.
  • Inama Soave Classico Vin Soave 2018 – JS92.
  • Prà Soave Otto 2018 – JS92.
  • Gini Soave Classico 2018 – JS91.

Is Soave wine sweet?

Recioto di Soave is a sweet white wine made from dried grapes grown in the Soave viticultural zone of Veneto, northeastern Italy. The DOCG title, which includes the Classico version, was granted in 1998.

What kind of wine is Pieropan Soave Classico?

white wine
Pieropan’s Soave Classico is a certified organic expression of this popular Italian white wine, made from a blend of Garganega (85%) and Trebbiano di Soave (15%). At the winery the grapes are de-stemmed and crushed, with the free run juice fermented separately in glass-lined cement tanks.

Where does Soave come from?

Soave is arguably the most famous white wine DOC in Italy. Granted in 1968, the DOC title covers wines made from Garganega grapes grown in hillside vineyards east of Verona, in the Veneto wine region of northeastern Italy.

What is the best Italian white wine?


  • Appius 2016 – San Michele Appiano.
  • Chardonnay ‘Troy’ 2017 – Cantina Tramin.
  • Bianco Riserva ‘LR’ 2016 – Colterenzio.
  • Rachtl Sauvignon Blanc Riserva 2015 – Tiefenbrunner.
  • Pinot Bianco Riserva ‘Five Years’ 2013 – Cantina Merano.
  • Quarz Sauvignon 2018 – Terlan.

What is a dry Italian wine?

Amarone is a powerful and concentrated dry red wine made with dried grapes in Italy’s Veneto region. Made from native Italian grapes, Amarone is a wine that dazzles and impresses.

What grape is in Soave?

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Where is Pieropan Soave from?

Pieropan Soave Classico

Winery Pieropan
Region Italy / Veneto / Soave / Soave Classico
Wine style Italian Soave
Alcohol content 12%
Allergens Contains sulfites, egg allergens, milk allergens

What kind of wine is Bolla Soave Classico?

Soave Classico wines are producd in the traditional Classico vineyard zone of the Soave DOCin the Veneto, nothern Italy. As with generic Soave, these are dry, still white wines made predominantly (at least 70 percent) from Garganega grapes. In the past decade Trebbiano Toscano and Pinot Bianco ha…

Which is the best base wine for Soave?

The commercial reputation of Soave used to be mediocre, but even the base wine from Prà explodes that idea completely.

What kind of wine does Graziano PRA make?

He makes a range of Soaves, from the Otto, a brisk, distinctive wine that is a great introduction to the appellation, to the Staforte, Monte Grande and Colle Sant’Antonio bottlings, all different and distinctive. Graziano Prà is one of Italy’s best white wine producers.

What kind of grapes are used to make Soave?

Garganega is best known as the white grape variety used to make Soave and Gambellara in Veneto, northern Italy. However in the early years of the 21st Century, DNA profiling revealed that it is the same variety as Grecanico Dorato, a mainstay in the vineyards of Sicily.