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Is Saunton car park open?

On the basis of Government guidance regarding exercise, the car park at Saunton will be staying open during this national lockdown. We feel very lucky to be able to keep the car park open for people to get their daily dose of wellbeing.

How busy is Saunton Sands car park?

This is an extremely busy car Park. If you set off to arrive by 10am on a sunny day then you will have about an hours wait to get in.

Can you park overnight at Saunton Sands car park?

There is no overnight parking at the front of the main car park under any circumstances. It is not possible to pre-book, spaces are available on a first come first served basis. However, it is only on very rare occasions that we will be unable to accommodate you.

How much is it to park at Saunton sands?

The first 20 minutes at the beach will be free, then visitors will be charged £1 for the first hour, £2.50 for up to two hours, £4 for three and £7 all day during high season and £4 a day during low season.

How long is Croyde beach?

The sandy 875-yard (800 m) beach, which lost its Blue Flag status in 2012 due to water quality issues, lies at the back of the sheltered Croyde Bay. A large dune system has formed past the high-tide mark. Sand underlies the land surface between the beach and the centre of Croyde village, 600 yards (550 m) to the east.

How long is Saunton Sands beach?

3 miles
Description: Saunton Sands is a huge sandy beach which stretches for 3 miles south.

Is Saunton Sands open to non residents?

Closed to non-residents.

Can you have fires on Croyde beach?

BBQs and Fires and not permitted on the beach or sand dunes.

How safe is Croyde beach?

Croyde is perfectly safe to paddle in and if you keep between the lifeguarded flags you’ll have a great time. It is advisable that if you plan to swim, especially out of your depth, at Croyde you should exercise caution and swim between the flags which are patrolled by the lifeguard.

Can you have BBQ on Croyde beach?

Can you have BBQ on Beer beach?

Barbeques are allowed on our beaches but must be removed when finished and disposed of carefully. Please don’t place them in plastic litter bins. Part of The Maer, Exmouth and Lime Kiln, Budleigh Salterton have barbeque sites and are available on a first-come first-served basis.

How much does it cost to park at Saunton Sands?

Car parking charges are arbitrary; so you never know how much the car park will be. As a local person who has visited Saunton Sands for many years, there are occasions when I would like to go for a quick swim or take the dog for a walk. For an hour’s visit at 5pm, to be charged £5 to park my car is outrageous.

How long do season tickets for Saunton Beach last?

The Saunton Beach Car Park Season Ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Up to 3 additional vehicles may be added to the ticket free of charge (all vehicles must be registered to the same domestic address). Only one vehicle may use the Season Ticket at any one time. Parking subject to availability of spaces.

Do you get free parking with season tickets?

When you complete the Season Ticket registration form, you will be asked to nominate a ‘primary’ registration number. The primary vehicle will receive a window sticker that entitles this vehicle only, to complimentary free parking at Sandy Lane Car Park (valid for 12 months).