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Is Rosewood heavier than maple?

Rosewood is denser than Maple. I think Ebony is great for players who like rosewood, but maybe would prefer a harder, glassier feel.

How many Rosewood telecasters are there?

Only 1,000 units will be available worldwide. For more information about the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster ($2,499.99), head here.

Who owns George Harrison’s Rosewood Telecaster?

Later in 1969, George gave away his Rosewood Tele to Delaney Bramlett of Delaney & Bonnie. Delaney kept the instrument until he sold it at auction in 2003, two years after George’s death. It fetched a staggering $434,750, bought by an intermediary for George’s widow, Olivia Harrison.

What type of Telecaster did George Harrison use?

rosewood Telecaster
Harrison used the rosewood Telecaster while recording some of the most recognizable music of the late 1960s and famously played it during the historic London “Rooftop Concert” in January of 1969.

Why did fender stop using rosewood?

Fender Musical Instruments is officially moving away from using rosewood fingerboards in the manufacturing of its Mexican made instruments due to the recent CITES regulations (see our previous post on CITES here).

Did the Beatles use Telecaster?

George with his Rosewood Telecaster on the last day of filming and recording for the Let It Be film in early 1969. Telecaster was one of George Harrison’s main guitars used from 1969 to 1970.

What guitar did George play on the rooftop?

George Harrison’s guitar was the first of its kind. The Telecaster that Harrison played throughout the rooftop concert was custom made for him by master builders Roger Rossmeisl and Philip Kubicki as a gift from Fender.

Where is John Lennon’s Epiphone Casino now?

After Lennon’s passing, the guitar was kept by Yoko Ono and was put on display in the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Japan until it closed in September 30, 2010.

Did the Beatles use Stratocaster?

George Harrison played a number of guitars during his years in the Beatles, from Gretsch and Rickenbacker models in the early days to his famed 1968 rosewood Fender Telecaster in the band’s final year. One guitar that doesn’t get talked about much is the 1961 Fender Stratocaster Harrison played starting in 1965.

Can you still get rosewood?

Rosewood refers to one of around a dozen species of wood from the genus Dalbergia. Its name stems from the sweet odour of the wood. In general, world stocks of rosewood are in decline through overexploitation. Rosewood is now protected worldwide.

Is rosewood still banned?

After a nearly two-year CITES ban on the movement of rosewood crossing international borders, unless accompanied by the relevant paperwork, it looks like the ban has finally been overturned.

Why was the Fender Telecaster made out of Rosewood?

The rosewood-and-maple sandwich of the body made for an unusual and heavy Tele, and Fender tried to lighten the load by shifting to a modified construction with hollowed chambers inside. However, the weight and unusual tonality of this short-lived model meant it was never a popular instrument.

What kind of board does a rosewood Tele have?

When George’s Rosewood Tele was made, rosewood veneer boards were standard and ‘maple necks’ could be custom-ordered with the maple fingerboard glued on. George’s must have had either a rosewood veneer or slab ’board.

How big is the neck on a Fender Telecaster?

Anyone who’s played one of Fender’s mid-60s-style, C-shaped necks with a 241mm (9.5”) radius and 6105 frets, knows how natural it feels in the hand. Even those used to the 184mm (7.25”) vintage radius and thin frets will take just minutes to acclimatise – although in our experience it’s harder going back.

How much does an ash Telecaster guitar weigh?

I like that my Telecaster weight between 6 to 7 pounds with Ash body! Lightest one. 6lbs dead. Heaviest just under 8lbs. The rest are in between.