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Is Pomona High School a good School?

Pomona High is ranked #7,247 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college….Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors National State
Math and Reading Performance Rank #7,002 #657
Graduation Rate Rank #11,122 (tie) #1,022 (tie)

What city is Pomona High School in?

Pomona High School (Pomona, California)

Pomona High School
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
475 Bangor St. Pomona , Los Angeles , California 91767 United States
Type Public

What District is Pomona High School in Colorado?

Jefferson County School District
Pomona High School (Arvada, Colorado)

Pomona High School
School district Jefferson County School District R-1
Principal Andy Geise
Staff 25

How big is Pomona High?

Pomona High School’s student population of 1,429 students has stayed relatively flat over five school years. The teacher population of 77 teachers has stayed relatively flat over five school years.

Is Arvada West a good school?

Arvada West High School is ranked 96th within Colorado. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The total minority enrollment is 25%, and 26% of students are economically disadvantaged. Arvada West High School is 1 of 35 high schools in the Jefferson County School District No.

How many kids go to Pomona?

Pomona is a four-year undergraduate institution and enrolls approximately 1,700 students. It offers 48 majors in liberal arts disciplines and roughly 650 courses, as well as access to more than 2000 additional courses at the other Claremont Colleges.

What is Pomona known for?

Pomona College has everything you might expect from one of the nation’s finest liberal arts colleges: exceptional faculty, an intimate learning environment and a broad-based curriculum.

How many high schools are in Pomona?

10 high schools
Pomona Unified School District contains 10 high schools.

When was Pomona HS built?

Pomona High School/Founded

How many students are at Arvada West High School?

Arvada West High School/Number of students

What kind of students go to Pomona College?

There is no such thing as a “typical” Pomona College student. All Pomona students have a few important things in common—most importantly, academic drive and a goal of doing something meaningful with their lives—but in most other ways they are as varied as they are talented.

Where is Pomona High School in Colorado located?

United States. Pomona High School is a public secondary school operated by Jefferson County School District R-1 in Arvada, Colorado, United States.

When do retakes for Pomona High School start?

Retakes are scheduled for September 24. Register Here! “Remember, Panthers see opportunities where others see obstacles.” Follow @PomonaPrincipal on Twitter for the latest Pomona news. To see Mr. Geise’s Updates, click the grey circle above that’s titled Our Principal. Or, click here.

What was the score of the Pomona football game?

Photographer Theodore (Ted) Stark has posted a new gallery Pomona @ Cherry Creek containing 109 photos. On 9/3, the Pomona varsity football team lost their away non-conference game against Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO) by a score of 31-0.

What was the score of Pomona vs Doherty?

Pomona’s stats have been entered for the 44-14 win vs. Doherty on 9/10/2021 7:00 PM. Watch this highlight video of the Pomona (Arvada, CO) football team in its game Recap: Pomona vs. Doherty 2021 on Sep 10, 2021 On 9/10, the Pomona varsity football team won their home non-conference game against Doherty (Colorado Springs, CO) by a score of 44-14.