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Is Park Bom drug?

Park Bom was also embroiled in a drug scandal in 2014 after her order of Adderall pills from the US in 2010 was intercepted by authorities. The pills contained amphetamines, which is banned in South Korea.

Does Park Bom have a disease?

Park Bom was born in Seoul, South Korea, on March 24, 1984. Her older sister, Park Go-eun, is a cellist. Whilst attending junior high school in the United States, she was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Is 2NE1 disbanded?

2NE1/Active until
2NE1 was considered one of the most iconic and influential girl groups during their time, breaking typical K-pop stereotypes by bringing experimental musical styles and unique fashion to the forefront. The group debuted in 2009 and announced their break up in 2016.