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Is Naked Wines any good?

In-person, the wines are good. I was satisfied and even a little surprised by their quality given the fact that I received $100 off lots of wine. The affordable bottles were what you’d call “easy drinking” wines — none that were bold and weird and revelatory — but perfect for casual drinking.

What is Naked Wines?

What is is a website where you can buy wines produced by independent winemakers who are supported by and its customers. Anyone in the US can purchase wine from, but members (called Angels) get special prices.

How much does it cost to join Naked Wines?

Naked Wines sells a recurring wine club membership to its members, whom it calls “angels.” By paying $40 per month, a customer unlocks the doors to the Naked Wines cellars.

Are Naked Wines and Majestic the same company?

Naked Wines is an online wine retailer founded by Rowan Gormley which launched in the UK on 1 December 2008. In 2015, the company was purchased by Majestic Wine, a British brick and mortar retailer.

How much is a monthly subscription to Naked Wines?

A subscription to costs $40 a month. Join HERE. It’s so simple, unique, and so worth it! Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy this affordable wine subscription!

Can you drink opened wine after 2 weeks?

Drinking an already-opened bottle of wine will not make you sick. Pouring yourself a glass from a bottle that’s been open for longer than a week may leave you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth. To give open wine bottles a longer life you should put both red and white wines in the fridge.

What is an archangel on Naked Wines?

In keeping with their established business model, Naked Wines has set up a smaller customer group that they call the Archangels. These customers are those who have agreed to maintain active engagement on the site to assist other customers in completing reviews of all of the wines that are offered by Naked Wines.

Who has taken over majestic wines?

Fortress Investments Group
Bidco was created by Fortress Investments Group, which also acquired off license chain Majestic Wine in 2019. Announcing its acquisition of one the UK’s ‘big four’ supermarkets, Fortress pledged to be ‘a good steward’ by protecting the chain’s legacy and existing strategy.

Can you get sick from old wine?

Will drinking old wine make you sick? Drinking old wine will not make you sick, but it will likely start to taste off or flat after five to seven days, so you won’t get to enjoy the wine’s optimal flavors. Longer than that and it’ll start to taste unpleasant.