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Is melodically a word?

adj. Of, relating to, or containing melody. me·lod′i·cal·ly adv.

What does it mean to speak melodically?

melodic Add to list Share. Something that’s tuneful or pretty to listen to is melodic. If your French teacher has a friendly smile and a melodic voice, you could probably sit and listen to her talk for hours. Anything sweet sounding — a bird’s trill, a poet’s voice, or the tune you sing in the shower — is melodic.

Is melodically an adverb?

Melodically is an adverb. The adverb is an invariable part of the sentence that can change, explain or simplify a verb or another adverb.

What does Mulatic mean?

The noun mulatto is an old-fashioned way to refer to someone with one black parent and one white parent. The Spanish root word, mulato, is used to mean “of mixed breed,” although it literally means “young mule,” from mulo, or “mule.”

How do you use melodically in a sentence?

Melodically sentence example We had no Psalters to follow the psalm, sung much more melodically here. Still, we’ve got clashing cymbals, lots of guitar, you can hear the bass line which pins the song together melodically .

How do you speak melodically?

As your speaking pace increases, so does your pitch, because your pitch naturally rises the quicker you speak and it drops the slower you speak. Simply put – speak at different speeds when you speak – always vary your pace – this will give you melody and it will keep your audience guessing.

What is the meaning of the word octoroon?

: a person of one-eighth Black ancestry.

What is a maneuvered?

To move or direct through a series of movements or changes in course: maneuvered the drill into position; maneuvered the car through traffic. 2. To alter the tactical placement of (troops or warships). 3. To manipulate into a desired position or toward a predetermined goal: maneuvered him into signing the contract.

What is a melody simple definition?

1 : a sweet or agreeable succession or arrangement of sounds whilst all the winds with melody are ringing— P. B. Shelley. 2 : a rhythmic succession of single tones organized as an aesthetic whole a hummable melody the piper’s fingers play the melody on a pipe called a chanter— Pat Cahill.

What is the meaning of melody in music?

melody, in music, the aesthetic product of a given succession of pitches in musical time, implying rhythmically ordered movement from pitch to pitch. Melody in Western music by the late 19th century was considered to be the surface of a group of harmonies.

What does melodical mean?

1. musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. 2. a rhythmical succession of musical tones organized as a distinct phrase or sequence of phrases. [1250–1300; Middle English melodie < Medieval Latin melōdia < Greek melōidía (choral) singing =mel- (see melic) + -ōid- (see ode) + -ia -y 3]

What is an example of melody?

A couple of examples of melody are Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (conjunct melody) and “The Star Spangled Banner” (disjunct melody): When it comes to visualizing melody, we can use something called melodic contour. This is basically just the way that a melody would look if it were a line or shape.

What is the meaning of melody in musical terms?

The definition of a melody is a sequence of pleasing sounds that make up a particular musical phrase. An example of melody is the most memorable arrangement of sounds in a musical composition.

What is a melodic structure?

Melodic structure: the chord tones, motif and sequence. Basic elements. A melody is a series of single pitches, usually in close in range and often suited for the voice to handle.