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Is Medaka Box done?

Beginning with its first appearance in Issue 24 in May 2009, the Medaka Box manga appeared weekly in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The series finished its run in Double Issue 22-23 in May 2013, after four years of serialization.

Who is the main character of Medaka Box Abnormal?

Medaka Kurokami
Misogi KumagawaZenkichi HitoyoshiMogana KikaijimaKouki Akune
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Who is the protagonist of Medaka Box?

Who is the antagonist of Medaka Box?

Misogi Kumagawa
Misogi Kumagawa (球磨川 禊, Kumagawa Misogi) is a senior of Class -13 and its first student. An executive member of Class -13, he is the center of the new Flask Plan, as well as the leader of the new Student Council created to oppose Medaka Kurokami. Kumagawa is the chief antagonist of the Kumagawa Incident Arc.

How did Medaka Box end?

Medaka defeats him and disappears after stopping the moon from crashing towards the Earth, just to reappear in time for the year-end ceremony.

Who is myouga Unzen in the Medaka Box?

Myouga Unzen (雲仙 冥加, Unzen Myouga) is a freshman of Class 13, though she is not a member of the Thirteen Party. She is the older sister of Myouri Unzen .

Who is the monster child in Medaka Box?

Myouri Unzen (雲仙 冥利, Unzen Myouri) is the chairman of the Public Morals Committee, a position that has earned him the nickname Monster Child (モンスターチャイルド, Monsutā Chairudo) from the student body. He is a junior of Class 13 and a former member of the Flask Plan’s Thirteen Party.

How many volumes are there of Medaka Box?

Medaka Box was serialized in Shueisha ‘s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump between May 2009 and April 2013, with its chapters collected in twenty-two tankōbon volumes. It received three light novel series, two series with two volumes and one with one volume between 2012 and 2013.

What does Yoboku say about Medaka in the suggestion box?

Yoboku goes on to describe Medaka as a saint, and note that her suggestion box is extremely popular. Unzen agrees that he has heard that much himself, but insists that she is still their biggest problem. Punching a hole through his PSP with his finger, he goes on to state that mercy and truth are like oil and water.