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Is Lynda Bryans still married?

She is married to former broadcaster and now politician Mike Nesbitt. Bryans is a director of the Northern Irish mental health charity Aware Defeat Depression.

Is Rose Neill married?

Ivan Wilson
Rose Neill/Spouse

Who was Nesbitt’s first wife?

Mike Nesbitt

Mike Nesbitt MLA
Born 11 May 1957 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nationality British
Political party Ulster Unionist Party
Spouse(s) Lynda Bryans (m.1992-2020) separated

Who is nesbitts wife?

Lynda Bryansm. 1992
Mike Nesbitt/Wife

What age is Rose Neill UTV presenter?

About 63 years (1958)
Rose Neill/Age

Who is Pamela Ballantine married to?

John Paul Ballantinem.?–1994
Pamela Ballantine/Spouse

How old is Michael Nesbitt?

64 years (May 11, 1957)
Mike Nesbitt/Age

Where has Rose Neill been?

Rose currently lives near Strangford Lough with husband Ivan and has two sons, Roger (27) and Henry (25). Rose begins her new presenting role on Tuesday 6 May at 6pm on UTV Live. For further information, contact Orla McKibbin, UTV Communications on Tel: 028 90 262188.

What age is UTV presenter Pamela Ballantine?

63 years (October 20, 1958)
Pamela Ballantine/Age

Was Pamela Ballantine married?

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Who is Pamela Ballantine husband?

Pamela Ballantine/Husband

What did Lynda Bryans do for Ulster TV?

Lynda Bryans was anchor presenter for Ulster TV’s main news programme UTV Live, and a reporter for ITV News, before leaving broadcasting and qualifying as a teacher. The former host of Inside Ulster, Lynda built a network reputation with the weekly current affairs show, Here and Now.

How to book Lynda Bryans for UTV Live?

To book Lynda Bryans please contact your JLA Agent. A popular and familiar face in Northern Irish broadcaster, Lynda hosted the region’s main ITV news programme UTV Live, as well as Home Sweet Home, and ITV network programmes including Animal Hospital and Holiday. Having left broadcasting is now a lecturer at Belfast Metropolitan College.

When did Lynda Bryans start her TV career?

She began her career in the BBC Northern Ireland newsroom during the height of the hunger strikes in the early 1980’s. A career that has spanned three decades, she was the former host of Inside Ulster, she filed reports for Holiday and was a presenter on the first ever Animal Hospital.

Why was Lynda Bryans suspended from UTV?

She was suspended from duty by UTV for a period from February 2010 due to Nesbitt’s decision to stand as a candidate in the 2010 general election. In June 2010, it was announced Bryans was leaving UTV after her contract with the station was not renewed. She hosted her final edition of UTV Live on 30 June 2010.