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Is KSF still used in NHS?

The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) applies to all staff who are employed under NHS Agenda for Change (AfC) Terms and Conditions.

What is KSF in NHS?

The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) is designed to provide a consistent and comprehensive framework of NHS-wide knowledge and skills on which to base the development planning and review of all staff. Not all of it needs to be used.

What is KSF nursing?

The Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) is the career development tool that was launched as part of the new pay system for the NHS, Agenda for Change. A bonus of the system is that nurses are guaranteed an annual appraisal, something that not everyone had before Agenda for Change.

What does KSF stand for?


Acronym Definition
KSF Knowledge & Skills Framework
KSF Kosovo Security Force
KSF Key Success Factors
KSF Korea Science Foundation

How many levels does a KSF dimension have?

Many people refer to the core dimensions as C1, C2, etc. Each dimension has four levels and a title that describes what the level is about. An overview of the dimensions and levels can be found on the DH website. Various KSF “indicators” are attached to the descriptions of each level.

What is KSF outline?

The NHS Knowledge and Skills (KSF) Framework identifies the core skills that are needed for staff to do their job and their development needs. NHS Health at Work have developed KSF outlines for a range of OH roles on behalf of members.

What does KSF mean?

What unit is KSF?

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What is KSF engineering?

KSF Structural is a small consulting firm providing civil and structural engineering services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients in California. The firm was founded to meet the increasing demand of clients for creative and cost-effective engineering services and solutions.