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Is Justin Guarini in the Dr Pepper commercial?

Diet Dr Pepper TV Commercial, ‘Pillowscape’ Featuring Justin Guarini. Lil’ Sweet magically appears to award a man who made the bed with the sweet reward of the day: a Diet Dr Pepper.

Who is the small Dr Pepper guy?

Justin Guarini
Fans of American Idol may recognize Lil’ Sweet, the zazzy little—very little—star of Diet Dr. Pepper’s new campaign, as season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini.

Is Justin from American Idol the Dr Pepper guy?

You may recognize him from his time singing on American Idol, from his role as ‘Lil Sweet’ on the Dr. Pepper commercials, or from your local grocery store aisles. That’s because Justin Guarini, when he’s not entertaining the world, lives right here in Bucks County with his wife and two sons.

What happened to Dr Pepper Larry Culpepper?

Pepper’s decision to no longer feature Larry Culpepper in its ads has been the top story of the week in college football. With the renewal of our college football sponsorship, we’ve decided to take our football-related advertising in a new creative direction and are planning an all-new campaign this season.

Who are the two actors in the Dr Pepper commercial?

A Dr Pepper & Cream Soda commercial is making waves not only because it’s super hilarious, but because many people are watching the spot and thinking — Wait, I know those guys! Indeed, the two actors who sing a song about soda set to the tune of “Sister Christian” are Justin Guarini and Will Green.

How old is Justin Guarini?

43 years (October 28, 1978)
Justin Guarini/Age

Did the Dr Pepper guy died?

Pepper was a Confederate surgeon during the American Civil War where he practiced at a college in Virginia….Charles T. Pepper.

Charles T Pepper
Born December 2, 1830 Big Spring, Virginia
Died May 28, 1903 (aged 72) Rural Retreat, Virginia
Nationality American
Occupation physician

Is Lil Sweet Based on Prince?

Despite what seems like a pretty obvious Prince influence, Guarini contends the character is a general glam rocker who is not based on any single figure. Deustch also denies he’s based on Prince. (Nobody is confusing him for Ziggy Stardust, though … and some commenters seem to think it actually is The Purple One.)

Does Justin Guarini have a daughter?

On April 26, 2011, his first child with Capodici, William Neko Bell Guarini, was born. His second child, Asher, was born on February 25, 2013.

Who is the doctor in the Dr Pepper commercial?

Will Green
Will Green, the Doctor from the Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda ad, has been a fixture on our TVs for a while. The Doctor may be making his Dr. Pepper debut in the Delicious Duet ad, but the actor who plays him, Will Green, is far from a newbie.