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Is just tires owned by Goodyear?

Welcome to Just Tires – Clayton. Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires are tire and automotive repair stores wholly owned and operated by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

What company owns Goodyear?

Veyance Technologies, which produced many Goodyear Engineered Products over the years, has been purchased by Continental AG, a German firm that bought the company for $1.9 billion.

Are Goodyear Assurance good tires?

Overall, the Goodyear Assurance All Season tire provides good value for money and is perfect for drivers who are doing everyday driving around town. Goodyear created the Assurance All Season for drivers of sedans, coupes and minivans seeking a value for money tire that performs well on dry road surfaces.

Where is Goodyear Tire center?

Goodyear Tire Center 4294 Albany St Albany, NY Tire-Distributors – MapQuest .

Just Tires: The chain of tire stores owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. said Wednesday it will open 31 Southern California locations, including several in Orange County. Bloome and Broadway outlets, to Just Tires stores.

Does Just Tires price match?

If the exchange is for a more expensive tire, you pay the difference (including sales tax). If the exchange is for a less expensive tire, you’ll receive a refund for the difference. Mounting and balancing are included.

How many locations does Just Tires have?

There are 545 Just Tires locations in the United States as of May 27, 2021.

Who is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world?

Michelin was established by Andre Michelin and Edouard Michelin in 1889 headquartered in Clermont- Ferrand, France. It is named as the largest Tire manufacturer in the world with 69 facilities located in over 18 countries.

Does just tires give military discount?

Active and retired military members will also receive free tire installation during the promotion period, creating a minimum savings of $25 per tire. provides discount information as a service to our members.

Can you put air in your tire after using Fix-a-Flat?

After using Fix-a-Flat, you may still need to inflate the tire with air so that it reaches the recommended psi level. Drive to the nearest air pump – Any nearby gas station should have air pump. Fill the tire – Pump air into the tire up to the recommended psi level, checking it frequently with a tire gauge.