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Is JKT48 disbanded?

Currently the group consists of three teams: Team J, Team KIII, and Team T. In addition, the group also has trainees called JKT48 Academy. In March 2021, the group disbanded all teams and the academy, having all members under just JKT48….Concert.

# Title Date
13 JKT48 6th Single Gingham Check Launching Concert 2014.06.11

How many sister groups are in AKB48?

5 sister groups
Based on the same concept “idols you can meet”, it currently consists of 5 sister groups in locations across Japan and 7 sister groups in major Asian cities overseas from Indonesia to India. The Japan-based sister groups not only release their own singles, but also perform on some of the AKB48 singles and events.

How many AKB48 members are there?

86 members
AKB48 are a Japanese idol girl group formed on December 8, 2005. As of October 28, 2021, the group consists of 86 members, divided among several teams: Team A with 14 members, Team K with 12 members, Team B with 14 members, and Team 4 with 13 members, and Team 8 with 33 members.

When did JKT48 release their first original song?

It released its first original single, “Rapsodi” in January 2020. Much like AKB48, the female Japanese idol group formed in 2005 in Akihabara, Tokyo, JKT48 is based on the concept of idols with whom fans can “‘meet’, or at least develop a similar feeling of intimacy”. JKT48 takes its name from the group’s base city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

When did AKB48 sister group JKT48 form?

Formed in 2011, it is the first AKB48 sister group outside Japan and adopts the concept of “idols you can meet”, before switching to “idols that will come to meet you” since 8 April 2018. The group opened its own theater in the 4th floor of fX Sudirman shopping mall in early September 2012.

How many members does JKT48 have in Indonesia?

Fans can attend daily performances (except in Monday) at the group’s theater, which was built as a close replica to the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara. While JKT48 does not restrict membership by nationality, applicants must be residents of Indonesia. As of 25 August 2021, the group individually has 32 members.

Where do you have to be to join JKT48?

While JKT48 does not restrict membership by nationality, applicants must be residents of Indonesia. As of 1 November 2018, the group has 48 active team members. It also has 21 Class A Academy members – formerly known as trainees – and 7 Class B Academy members.