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Is it possible to block 911?

Due to federal law, you can’t disable emergency calls completely, but there are ways to reduce your chances of dialing 911 accidentally. Here’s how—and why 911 is required on cell phones to begin with.

How do I turn off 911 dialing?


  1. Open your Android’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Lock Screen and Security or Lock Screen. If you don’t see this option, try tapping Security first.
  3. Tap Screen lock or Screen Lock Type.
  4. Confirm your current security PIN, password, or bio-method.
  5. Select None.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the change.

Can a phone dial 911 by itself?

Android phones offer similar ways to trigger emergency calls. A fall or dropping of the device can trigger an emergency mode that, if not responded to, will also automatically call 911.

How do I block emergency calls?

Head to the Security menu in Settings, then choose the “Screen lock” option. From here, select “None,” then press “Yes” if prompted. The next time you unlock your device, you should be greeted by your shiny new lock screen, and that stupid “Emergency Call” button will finally be gone.

What happens if you accidentally call 911 on iPhone?

On many iPhones, if you quickly press the side button five times, it can automatically call 911 for you. Officer Timothy Peterson said if you accidentally call the emergency line, the best thing you can do is stay on the phone and explain it was an accidental call.

How do I stop sending SOS from emergency location?

Send your location automatically

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Location. If you don’t see “Location,” tap Security & location. Location.
  3. Tap Advanced. Emergency Location Service or Google Emergency Location Service.
  4. Turn Emergency Location Service on or off.

Will police come if you accidentally call 911?

If you dial 9-1-1 accidentally, stay on the line and advise the call-taker. If you hang up, the call-taker is required to call you back. If that call-taker cannot reach you or a busy signal is heard, the call-taker will send police if the caller’s location is known.

Will you get in trouble for accidentally calling 911?

Don’t hang up…stay on the line! Everyone makes mistakes, and there is no penalty to accidentally calling 911. The Communications Dispatcher will want to verify your name and address, and ensure that there is not a real emergency. If you do hang up, they will call you back to confirm that you are safe.

What do I do if my child accidentally calls 911?

If you dial 911 by mistake, or if a child in your home dials 911 when no emergency exists, do not hang up – that could make 911 officials think that an emergency exists, and possibly send responders to your location. Instead, simply explain to the call-taker what happened.

Can a cell phone company block someone from calling 911?

The cell phone companies are not allowed to block anyone from calling 911 (in the USA, since you use that digits example). I do not know the specific Federal regulation or law that governs this, but I am sure that the FCC web site could provide the info. Indeed, the cell phone does not even have to have a valid subscriber account!

Do you have to have a cell phone to call 911?

Here’s how—and why 911 is required on cell phones to begin with. According to United States federal law ( 47 CFR § 9.10 ), every cellular phone sold in the U.S. must be able to call 911, even if the calling phone is not subscribed to the closest available wireless network.

What happens if you make an accidental 911 call?

Accidental 911 calls can cause public safety personnel and resources to be diverted from 911 calls for real emergencies. Many older wireless phones are equipped with a 911 auto-dial feature. If you have an older phone, you may not even be aware of the feature or that it has been pre-activated by the manufacturer or retailer.

Can You disable 911 emergency calls on an iPhone?

Due to federal 911 requirements, you cannot disable the Phone app on an iPhone, even using Screen Time because then it would be impossible to dial 911 using the iPhone. But there are some techniques you can use to reduce accidental 911 calls, especially if you let a younger child use your iPhone for entertainment. Try Airplane Mode with Wi-Fi