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Is it pertinent to or pertinent for?

Something pertinent is relevant and on-point. If you give your best friend pertinent advice, that means the advice is appropriate for the situation. Something pertinent is related to the current topic or situation — and probably helpful too.

What is pertinent in English?

: having a clear decisive relevance to the matter in hand.

How do you use pertinent in a sentence?

Pertinent Sentence Examples

  1. So give me some pertinent facts.
  2. After he returned my phone, he wrote down all our names and pertinent information.
  3. The Deans took turns relating the story, careful to include all the pertinent details.
  4. She has an uncanny way of sticking to pertinent details.

What is the synonym pertinent?

Some common synonyms of pertinent are applicable, apposite, apropos, germane, material, and relevant. While all these words mean “relating to or bearing upon the matter in hand,” pertinent stresses a clear and decisive relevance.

What is Petaining?

adjective. pertaining or relating directly and significantly to the matter at hand; relevant: pertinent details.

What is the meaning of pertinent in a sentence?

Something that is pertinent is relevant to a particular subject. [formal] She had asked some pertinent questions. name, address, and other pertinent information.

What is a pertinent example?

Is there such a word as pertinently?

per·ti·nent. adj. Clearly related to a matter at hand.

What is the opposite pertinent?

Opposite of relevant or important with regard to (a subject or matter) irrelevant. immaterial. impertinent. inapplicable.

What is the synonym and antonym of pertinent?

pertinent. Synonyms: related, connected, appertaining, appropriate, fit, apposite, just, proper, congruous, applicable. Antonyms: unrelated, unconnected, alien, inappropriate, impertinent, incongruous, discordant, repugnant, perturb.

What’s the meaning of Pertaineth?

Archaic third-person singular simple present indicative form of pertain.