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Is it better to be a villain or hero in DC Universe Online?

The short of this is that Heroes are better for PvE (Player vs Environment) gameplay because it’s easy to find a group, while Villains tend to be better for PvP (Player vs Player) as players are typically more experienced. Hopefully that’s helped you decide whether to pick Hero or Villain in DC Universe Online.

What characters can you play as in DC Universe Online?

Individual Heroes

Aqualad Aqualad Aquaman Aquaman Arisia Rrab Arisia Rrab
Spectre Spectre Starfire Starfire Static Static
Superboy Superboy Supergirl Supergirl Superman Superman
The Catwoman The Catwoman Uncle Sam Uncle Sam Vixen Vixen
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Zatanna Zatanna

Can you be a villain in DCUO?

In DCUO, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to fight for justice as a Hero, or to create mayhem as a Villain. Deciding which side of the fight you want to be on also dictates your allies and enemies.

Can heroes and villains play together in DCUO?

DC Universe Online is getting an update to allow Villains to team up with Heroes. Announced via creative director Jens Andersen’s Twitter account, the future update will allow both sides to play PvE missions alongside one another.

Can you play as Batman in DCUO?

New players can select a pre-made character template inspired by Batman. Batman is a playable character for Legends PVP and Legends PvE.

Can you be a villain in DC Universe Online?

In DC Universe Online, the New Villain can be recruited to be in service of one of three DC Comics’ greatest villains: Lex Luthor, Circe or The Joker, who will act as mentors for the character, deligating him/her missions and tasks.

What are the two roles in DC Universe?

One is Damage Dealer (often called DPS), and the other is for support ( Controller, Healer, Tank ). That means if your focus is on dealing damage, you can pick any powerset, but if you fancy playing e.g. a tank, you have to pick one of the powersets which provides that role as the second role.

What happens when you equip an item in DC Universe?

When a character equips an item it is added to their “collection”. Once an item is in their collection it will be accessible to wear even if the player sells that item in the future, however, all stat benefits are lost when the item is not physically equipped to your character.

How to make your character Cool on IGN?

Take a photo of him or her at the character select screen and send it with the subject “DCUO” to [email protected] along with your name and why your character is cool. Was this article informative?

What does movement mode do in DC Universe?

Movement mode affects the character’s speed, movement style, and maneuvers in combat. It also determines whether the character is a flyer, speedster, jumps from building to building as an acrobat, or skims through the air. Your weapon is what defines your character’s hack-and-slash abilities.