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Is Hero Factory discontinued?

LEGO discontinued the Hero Factory line in 2014 in favor of reviving the Bionicle collection.

What came after Hero Factory?

Hero Factory is a constraction theme introduced in July 2010. It was replaced in 2014 by the rebooted BIONICLE.

Are bionicles compatible with LEGOs?

Answer: Yes, all LEGOs from Bionicle and Hero Factory are compatible; some more so than others though. The newer Bionicle sets are the best for backwards compatibility with Hero Factory.

Are bionicles still sold?

Despite plans to release new Bionicle sets through to at least 2017, Lego discontinued the reboot in 2016 due to low sales.

Is Hero Factory a Bionicle?

LEGO Hero Factory SCORPIO 2236.

How many Hero Factory movies are there?

All original fifteen sets were released in the United States on July 24, 2010. Within the 15 sets released there are six hero characters, six villain characters, two vehicle, and a hero and villain limited edition set.

Who is XT4 in the Hero Factory?

XT4 is an escaped convict, imprisoned by the Hero Factory until the recent breakout caused by Voltix and Black Phantom . XT4 was part of a series of industrial robots, a shipment of which was diverted by the Legion of Darkness and dispersed.

When did Lego Hero Factory XT4 come out?

6229 XT4 was released on July 20, 2012, and his set contains 39 pieces. He had a different build from other Hero Factory sets. On LEGO, his name was confirmed to stand for “Extra tough four arms”. He is the first Hero Factory character to have 4 arms. He is the second Hero Factory character to have one eye, the first being Meltdown.

How did Natalie Breez beat Stormer on Hero Factory?

Breez beat Stormer in a footrace on Sarazon 8. Shortly afterward, Breez was interviewed by Mak Megahertz on Hero Factory FM ‘ s tenth episode. When the DJ mentioned the footrace, Stormer sent angry audio-mail of inaudible yelling, which Breez deciphered as “Basically, I’m dead.”. After playing the Faradai Belt mission log, Breez left the show.

How did Evo and Nex help Natalie Breez?

A Hero Pod containing Nex and Evo arrived, which helped to turn the tide in battle. Nex managed to separate the two Heroes, and Breez was able to defeat and hero-cuff Drilldozer.