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Is Farid Al Atrash still alive?

Deceased (1910–1974)
Farid al-Atrash/Living or Deceased

Where is Farid Al Atrash from?

Al Qrayya, Syria
Farid al-Atrash/Place of birth

Who is the sister of musician Farid Al Atrash?

Mounira Al-AtrashEdital Al-AtrashWedad Al-AtrashKarjeyah Al-Atrash
Farid al-Atrash/Sisters

His sister, Asmahan, was also a talented singer, and for a while they worked together. In 1941, they starred in their first successful movie Intisar a l-Shabab (انتصار الشباب – The Triumph of Youth, 1941), in which Farid himself composed all the music.

How old is Farid Al Atrash?

64 years (1910–1974)
Farid al-Atrash/Age at death

Who are the parents of Farid al Atrash?

Farid and his sister Amal, along with their brother Fouad, belonged to the religious minority Druze clan of their parents, Princess Alia and Prince Fahd al-Atrash.

Which is the best Farid al Atrash poem?

1 Nagham Fi Hayati (1975) 2 Zaman Ya Hob (1973) 3 Hob al kabir, -Al (1969) 4 Khouroug min el guana, El (1967) 5 Hikayet el omr kulluh (1965) 6 Ressalah min emraa maghoula (1963) 7 Yomun bala ghaden (1962) 8 Shatie el hub (196ww1) 9 Min agl Hobbi (1960) 10 Maleesh Gheirak (1958)

When did Farid al-Atrash and Samia break up?

In 1947 he produced and co-starred in a movie with Samia directed by Henri Barakat; Habib al-‘Oumr (“The love of my life,” 1947), which became a huge success. After this came Afrita Hanem (“Madame la diablesse,” 1949). Five films later, the unmarried couple broke up.

What kind of voice did Farid al Atrash have?

One of al-Atrash’s most unusual and distinguishable traits was his voice. High and mellow at the start of his career, it evolved into a wider, deeper sound. A person not familiar with his work would find it hard to believe the singer in “Ya Reitni Tir” (1930s) and “Adnaytani Bil Hajr” (1960s) were the same singer.