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Is Episode 54 A filler?

Quick One Piece Filler List. Only Fillers: Episode 54-61, 98-99, 101-102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 775, 780-782, 807, 881 and episodes from 895-896.

Who is the girl in Episode 54 of One Piece?

The girl introduces herself as Apis and that her home is on Warship Island. Upon questioning why she was being held by the Marines, she refuses to answer and Sanji supports her, telling everyone that it’s her business.

Can I skip the filler in one piece?

While you can safely skip the episodes outlined above, one filler arc you’ll want to watch is the G-8 arc from episodes 196-206. This occurs immediately following the Sky Island Saga. Many fans see this as the best of the best in terms of the filler arcs, so it is well worth your time as a fan.

Does Netflix have one piece sub?

Netflix has 808 Episodes from 31 seasons in the region of Japan. You can watch all 808 episodes on Japanese Netflix by using a VPN. One Piece series is also available in various other countries on Netflix including, America, Canada, Australia: 1-130 Episodes.

Why did the Marines take Apis?

Eric and Nelson Royale were a mercenary and Marine who both worked to capture Ryu and harvest his Dragonite. They attempted to capture Apis to force her to bring them to Ryu, until she escaped. Apis hated them for their actions, and especially for being responsible for Ryu’s death.

Is Apis filler?

The Warship Island Arc, sometimes referred to as the Apis Arc, is a story arc in the One Piece anime. It is the first story arc of the series not to be based on any content from the manga by Eiichiro Oda, making it the first filler arc. It was left out of the 4Kids dub for an unspecified reason.

What percentage of One Piece is filler?

Surprisingly, unlike similar series, One Piece differs in the fact that, although there are a lot of episodes, only 99 episodes are considered filler, meaning that only 10 percent of the episodes of the series are filler.