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Is ego part of love?

Ego Love – Means that you do not truly love the person but love more what the person gives to you. And the moment that is taken away, there is no more to be gained from that relationship if there is nothing in exchange. Ego love is possession and control, and gaining something in exchange of giving.

What is the meaning of ego in relationship?

So, what does ego in a relationship mean? Your ego is your sense of self-importance or self-esteem. When kept within sane limits, a healthy ego is necessary for a relationship to work because you need to have a healthy sense of self-esteem to be in a healthy relationship.

What is the difference between ego and spirit?

Spirit is the “life force energy” that is about experiencing, creating, expressing and connecting in this world, while the ego is more like a “body guard” or “tour guide”. The result is a life with MORE peace, joy, love, abundance and creative flow and LESS stress, overwhelm, scarcity and fear.

What does it mean to have a spiritual ego?

You attempt to live your life incorporating a series of practices and concepts to give your life a spiritual meaning and spiritual dimension. Spiritual ego is when someone becomes overly identified with the pursuit of spirituality, meaning, or purpose in life.

What’s the difference between ego love and true love?

The difference between ego love and true love might not always be clear. Since we’re bombarded with the images of relationships based on control, manipulation, and co-dependency. But ego love isn’t the only way how to experience relationships, in fact, this old pattern of relationships is slowly changing.

How is hurt a sign of ego love?

Pain and hurt are also a sure sign of ego love. Because when you believe that it’s the other person who is the source of your unhappiness, you’re not in a soul-based relationship. It’s the illusions about love that hurts. The partner in the ego-based relationship helps you to see your own shadow so you can work on it and then become whole.

When does a person become a slave to the spiritual ego?

When spiritual paths, practices, and concepts become a slave of the ego, this is the birth of the spiritual ego. In other words, when a person’s central idea about themselves is ruled by the belief that they’re a “spiritual person” this is the spiritual ego.