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Is Debica Good tyre?

The tyres perform exceptionally well for the price. Quiet at speed, good grip under acceleration, cornering and braking.

Who makes Debica tires?

The company produces tires both of its own brand Dębica and of other brands of the Goodyear concern, including Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava. In addition, Debica tires are manufactured by other production facilities owned by Goodyear.

Who makes presto tyres?

Debica Presto UHP 2 is an Ultra High Performance summer tire with asymmetrical tread pattern, designed for Passenger cars. Nowadays the brand Debica owned by the Goodyear Tyres.

Where are Debica tyres made?

Dębica tyre company is the biggest tyre producer in Poland. The first plant was opened in 1939. In 1991, the national plant was transformed into a one-man-company. In 1994, the company made its debut on the Stock Exchange Market in Warsaw.

Who are kormoran tyres?

Kormoran is the brand name for a range of passenger car tyres from the Polish company, Stomil-Olsztyn, which began producing tyres in 1959. It signed a joint venture agreement with Michelin in 1997 which 10 years later took a majority share and control.

Is Kormoran made by Michelin?

The company belongs to Michelin and enjoys the benefits of its French owner’s research and development know-how: the initial years of their cooperation saw the quantity of Kormoran tyres sold rise to over one million.

Is Kormoran a budget tyre?

They cost the same as Chinese tires but I feel more secure with Kormoran as a budget buy.

Are Kleber tires good?

they are not the best at any particular type of weather or road. However they are a good all-round tyre. Snow grip was very good, rain traction is ok, braking not so good in the wet. dry conditions traction is good, cornering nice and progressive braking good.

Where are Taurus tyres made?

Taurus tyres are a European manufacturer and a online exclusive tyre brand in the UK.