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Is cerazette and desogestrel the same?

Cerazette is the same as other mini-pills that contain desogestrel 75 micrograms; these include Cerelle, Zelleta and Feanolla.

What pill is Desomono?

About progestogen-only contraceptive tablets

Type of medicine Progestogen-only contraceptive
Used for Contraception (preventing pregnancy)
Also called Containing desogestrel; Aizea®, Cerelle®, Cerazette®, Desomono®, Desorex®, Feanolla®, Zelleta®, Containing norethisterone; Noriday® Containing levonorgestrel; Norgeston®

What is another name for desogestrel?


Clinical data
Trade names Cerazette, Lovima, Hana, others
Other names DSG; ORG-2969; 3-Deketo-11-methylene-17α-ethynyl-18-methyl-19-nortestosterone; 11-Methylene-17α-ethynyl-18-methylestr-4-en-17β-ol
AHFS/ Micromedex Detailed Consumer Information
MedlinePlus a601050

Is cerazette desogestrel?

Cerazette is a progestogen-only-pill (POP). Cerazette contains a small amount of one type of female sex hormone, the progestogen desogestrel.

What is Desomono?

Drug Class: Progestogen-only contraceptives. Manufacturer: MedRx Healthcare Ltd.

Are all Cerazette pills the same?

All of the tablets contained in the blister pack have the same dose of hormone. You should take one tablet every day at the same time. If you are less than 12 hours late taking your pill you will still be protected from pregnancy and do not need extra protection.

Is Norgeston a good pill?

How effective is Norgeston? Used correctly, Norgeston can be up to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, if you are vomiting or have severe diarrhoea you may not be protected against pregnancy. If this happens, continue to take the pill as usual but use a condom whilst you’re ill.

Why does desogestrel cause weight gain?

It’s rare, but some women do gain a little bit of weight when they start taking birth control pills. It’s often a temporary side effect that’s due to fluid retention, not extra fat. A review of 44 studies showed no evidence that birth control pills caused weight gain in most women.

Is desogestrel the same as Feanolla?

Feanolla is a progestogen-only pill, which contains the progestogen desogestrel. Like other progestogen-only pills, Feanolla can be used for women who may not or do not want to use oestrogens.

Is cerazette a 3 hour pill?

Disadvantages of the progestogen-only pill Must be taken the same time every day. Cerazette and the generic form, Cerelle, have a 12-hour window and other pills have a three-hour window. Your periods may change in a way that does not suit you.

Can Norgeston cause weight gain?

Norgeston is a type of progestogen only pill (POP, also known as the mini-pill). Weight change is a common short term side effect of the POP, along with, spotty skin, breast tenderness, nausea / vomiting, stomach upset, headaches and change to sex drive or mood.

How is desogestrel used in the Cerazette pill?

Cerazette is a contraceptive pill used to prevent pregnancy. It’s a type of pill called the mini-pill or progestogen-only pill. Cerazette tablets contain desogestrel 75 micrograms. Desogestrel is a synthetic progestogen, similar to the natural progestogen hormones produced by the body.

When to use desogestrel in combination with ethinylestradiol?

Desogestrel is used in hormonal contraception in women, specifically in birth control pills. It is used alone in progestogen-only pills (“mini pills”) and in combination with the estrogen ethinylestradiol in combined oral contraceptive pills.

Are there any other mini pills that contain desogestrel?

Cerazette is the same as other mini-pills that contain desogestrel 75 micrograms; these include Cerelle, Zelleta and Feanolla.

Which is the best brand name for Desogestrel 75?

💡Key facts about Cerazette Cerazette is a brand name for desogestrel 75 microgram tablets. It can be taken by most women, including breastfeeding mothers, heavy smokers and those with high blood pressure, migraine or a risk of blood clots.