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Is Cardcaptor Sakura family friendly?

Parents need to know that Cardcaptor Sakura is available in both subtitled, uncut (and more mature) versions, as well as dubbed, edited versions more appropriate for tweens. Much of the romance as well as same-sex relationships and crushes are cut out of the American dub.

Does syaoran end up with Sakura?

The story of Cardcaptor Sakura concluded with Sakura and Syaoran finally reuniting as a couple. A lot of fans thought that this was the end of their story, with the exception of the other versions of the characters that appeared in Clamp’s other work.

What age is appropriate for Cardcaptor Sakura?

Not Rated
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie/MPAA rating

Is Yuki and Touya canon?

Cardcaptor Sakura being released in 1998, Touya and Yukito are actually one of the earliest canon gay couples ever depicted in mainstream anime, though not the earliest to at least hint at such relationships.

Is Syaoran jealous of eriol?

Much to his surprise, Syaoran finds himself jealous over the fact that Eriol is getting too close to Sakura. As he becomes more aware of his deep feelings for her, his denial over the romantic nature of them also increases.

Is Haikyuu good for 12 year olds?

Haikyuu is a volleyball anime focused on a group of boys committed to making it to the nationals. While there is one girl in particular some boys fawn over, it’s not perverted or inappropriate. Making Haikyuu one of the most legit animes to watch with family or kids.

What anime can I watch with my parents?

10 Anime Series To Watch With Your Parents

  • Monster.
  • Tiger & Bunny.
  • Princess Tutu.
  • Cowboy Bebop.
  • Clannad.
  • Barakamon.
  • Death Note.
  • Detective Conan (Case Closed)

Who is Syaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura?

Syaoran Li (リ・シャオラン) is the deuteragonist of the Clamp’s Cardcaptor Sakura manga series and its anime adaptation. He is introduced as Sakura’s rival for the Clow Cards but they gradually becomes friends and close allies. He also falls in love with Sakura and they start dating in the Clear Card arc.

What did Cerberus say about Sakura in Cardcaptor?

Convinced that Sakura was the true Cardcaptor and put off by Syaoran’s overconfidence, Cerberus quickly began referring to the arrogant young boy as “brat.” Nevertheless, Cerberus was willing to accept Syaoran when Sakura befriended him and began to develop feelings for him.

Who is Sakura’s best friend in Cardcaptor Sakura?

Sakura spends a lot of her childhood with a bit of a crush on Yukito, her brother’s best friend. When he gently turns her down, explaining that they’re like family, Sakura pretty quickly figures out that Yukito has feelings for Touya. RELATED: Cardcaptors: The 10 Best Cosplay Ever

What happens to Sakura’s life after Clow Cards?

Though Sakura Kinomoto’s life turns upside down when she discovers her own magical abilities and the Clow cards, she still has time for a normal life of school, clubs, friends, and crushes. Throughout the series, in fact, love plays an important part.